Friday, April 8, 2011

Interior Design Ideas - Types of Color Schemes - What and How you choose

                                                       Interior design ideas with color full

                                          Interior design ideas with a yellow motif combinations

Color scheme is based on the color wheel. There are so many colors available and the choice of so many that make interior design ideas to build just one. There are millions of colors, but the idea of ​​interior designers typically use only 3-5 colors for the scheme, plus 2-3 accent colors used in the strip here and there only. The main colors that can be varied by using tints, tones, and nuances in different intensity variations. Monochromatic - monochromatic scheme has one dominating idea of ​​interior design.

                                                     Interior design ideas with varied colors

It is very important in this type of scheme to be careful to distribute tints - (white with a hue), the tone - (black with a hue) and feel - (gray hue) in varying degrees to add variety and excitement to the scheme. scheme of interior design ideas Analog done three to five colors adjacent on the wheel. For example, blue-purple-red or yellow-orange-red. Split free scheme is a three color scheme, which is one and the two other colors at all from that which is on both sides of the color of interior design ideas (see the free scheme above). This example will be green, purple and red.

                                           Interior design ideas beautiful yellow and black

Inspiration for design ideas interior color scheme can be found everywhere. Look at nature, sky, your clothes, your favorite paintings, magazine pictures and fabric. Make sure you are the color scheme that you really love it! Anything less is unacceptable. Find solutions to your interior design ideas today by going to and begin the road to a large choice of interior design.

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