Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out of the ordinary art ...

I love coming across new ideas for what to hang on the walls.  Here are some of my favorite yet not-so-traditional things that have been elevated to artwork-status with a simple frame.

Illustrator Alanna Cavanagh recreated this old book jacket into a vibrant piece of art. Of course, the title here has a meaningful tie-in to a bedroom, but other favorite or classic book titles could work as well.  I would love to have a series of these lining a wall in my office.  The hardest part would be deciding which books to feature ... Hmmm.

Alanna Cavanagh via Elements of Style

I love old maps and I have always wanted to do something like this in our living room. This one is a map of Paris, but again, a favorite city that has special meaning to the family would make it that much more personal.

The writer in me loves this giant hand-addressed envelope turned on it's side. Maybe it's a long lost love letter ...

My dad has boxes of the letters my grandparents wrote back and forth to each other when my Grandpa was in Europe during World War II ... I would love to blow one up and frame it just like this.

I know lots of people have chalkboards or are painting walls in chalkboard paint, but this one really feels like art to me.  I would have fun finding inspirational quotes to write on here.

via Style at Home

If you're anything like me and collect swatches of fabric (I have a box full that I just like to pull out and look at ... they're so pretty) this might be a fun idea ... especially in a hallway where the colors and patterns don't have to compete with anything.

New York International Gift Fair

How about you ... what have kinds of things have you deemed frameable in your house?