Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bohemian Chic Meets the Modern Marie Antoinette

I simply couldn't resist sharing this British home with all of you.  I first
discovered the site 1st Option via MadebyGirl.  1st Option is a British
 company that scouts locations for photo shoots and tv/film production. 
Isn't the above room like a fantasy room for a girl?  The phrase
"Bohemian Chic meets the Modern Marie Antoinette" really encapsulates
the feel of this home for me.

Notice the pink carpet that runs throughout the house.  Pink is
what I consider a pretty bold choice for carpet throughout a home.

And the wonderful turquoise walls with gold painted molding.

The gold frame and color of the fabric on the telephone
chair really bring out the brilliant hue of the turquoise walls.

Now this is where the style seems to deviate a bit.  The color
palette with the vivid pink falls in step with the turquoise,
however the white tiles and dark grout and black toilet top
scream 80's to me. 

The living room seems to be a hodge podge of different colors,
furniture styles and patterns yet it doesn't completely clash.  Fun
colors on the chairs and sofa.  The pair of black chairs at the end
remind me of crowns - chairs that are fit for a king and queen.

Last but not least is the fantastic dining room with the fabulous
oversized portrait painting against a black floral wallpaper.  Again,
I love the brilliant gold frames against the wallpaper and a fun
mirrored table.

I hope you've enjoyed this house as much as I have.

Photos from 1st Option in London