Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Turned a Church into a Home

Only in England can you find a gorgeous Georgian church like this that has
been renovated into a home.  Converting a church into a modern home was
a long process for Sally Onions and her partner Ian Bottomley.  Few people
have the imagination to convert a ruined church into a home. 
It's really quite unique.

Type of house: Converted five-bedroom Georgian church

Location: Kyloe, Northumberland
Purchase price: £92,000
Money spent: £300,000

From the entrance hallway, you can glean a view of the wonder to come.

I am posotive that it is very difficult to show the actual height of the
ceiling in these photos.  The scale must just be amazing.  Putting sky
lights into the roof is genius and probably a must to brighten up the

The wood floors really give a warme feel in such an expansive place.

A nice and open kitchen with rustic looking wood finishes for the cabinets.

I love how they put lights up in the eaves of the ceiling -
it gives off a lovely glowing quality.

What a way to showcase a bed - in this perfect nook.

White washing the stone really brighten this room up.

For the grand finale, what a fabulous place for a bathroom - complete
with a floor to ceiling stained glass window.  Absolutely stunning.  I
hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did.  What do you think? 
Would you live in a converted church as your home?  Would it be
cool or would it be too weird for you?

Photos from House Beautiful UK