Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ivy & Piper, Mothers Day & Exhaustion Sets In...

My Mother's Day started early this morning when Harry and Brad arrived at my bedside with gifts galore. All except the bottle of YSL perfume were handmade by Harry. After the gifts were dispersed Harry went and prepared breakfast for favourite fresh orange juice with lots of ice and toast with Vegemite!! Although a little burnt I managed to devour half a piece and {quietly without Harry knowing} Ned the other piece.

After some more rest {my exhaustion from the sale having completely set-in} we got ready and jumped into the car as I wanted to go and visit Melanie & Liz over at the Portside Markets. Their new stall Ivy & Piper had is debut this morning and I couldn't miss seeing the beautiful creations the girls have been working on over the last couple of months!

I loved the cushion with the vintage Chanel perfume bottles and pearls with the black and white hounds tooth piping and I couldn't resist a set of 8 pink and white geometric napkins. I can't wait to see their next collection!

After visiting the girls we headed down to my parent's house to visit my mother for Mothers Day with my 2 brothers. We picked up roadside chrysanthemums as none of us had been able to get to Phoebe Stephens Flowers before she closed yesterday afternoon.

Mum made roadside flowers look like flowers from the Chelsea Flower Show arranging them in her blue and white ginger jar on her coffee table.

You may remember the lovely Antique French chair upholstered in the blue and white French floral fabric I posted a couple of days ago which we had in the sale yesterday...well my father bartered with me upon closing the sale and bought it for mum. We delivered it to her today and she totally loves it. My brother enjoyed sitting on the chair all afternoon but was reminded every 5 minutes not to spill red wine on that would have been a disaster!

The day ended up being all too much for Harry...he fell asleep on Mum's daybed amongst her copious number of blue and white cushions.

Although completely and utterly exhausted tonight, I had a lovely day with my family and I am now trying to imagine how I am going to do all the things I have to do this week without going into labour before all is done.

I'll keep you posted on that...

Happy Mothers Day and to FF Happy Aunts Day!!

Oh and more blog thanks to Michelle at Divine Finds and Spring Blossom for also posting about our sale on their blogs today!!!