Thursday, June 30, 2011

Off to Switzerland!

Because we are working on a project in Switserland, Jan and me need to go to Switzerland for a few days! No, not for pleasure, but for business!!! We have to discuss the project with our clients and Jan has to take all the required measurements.

But at the mean time we definitely will enjoy the beautiful Swiss mountains of course!

So we are leaving today, by car and it will take about 8 hours of driving.

Zwitserland 4

On the road! I don’t think we will have these weather conditions yet at this time…

Zwitserland 3

…although I would love to sit here for a couple of hours!… Hmmm,… there will be no time to relax I guess!!

Zwitserland 2

Isn’t the St. Bernard dog one of the cutest dogs there are?

Talking about Switzerland, I really wanted to share with you some beautiful images of mountain houses.


Chalet 26 (Inspiring Interiors)

source Inspiring Interiors blog

Chalet 28 (The essence of the good life)

source The Essence of The Good Life blog

Chalet 21 (Chaletbaumatti)

source Chaletbau Matti

Chalet 1 (Todhunter)

source Todhunter

Chalet 3 (Pauline

source Pauline Joosten

Chalet 15 (Marie-Rève)

source Marie-Rêve

Chalet 13 (Marie-Rève)

source Marie-Rêve

Chalet 19 (Chaletbaumatti)

source Chaletbau Matti

Chalet 18 (The Essence of a good life blog)

source The Essence of The Good Life blog

I wish we could sleep in a hotel room as this charming room!!!

Talk to you soon!