Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sophisticated Stripes

Striped curtains make me swoon.

 Don't these just kind of take your breath away?
A Thoughtful Place

Design Chic
Designer Amy Howard

A Well Dressed Home via Pinterest
 They really kind of elevate each of the rooms from just beautiful to ... fabulous. 

We still need curtains in our living room and master bedroom.  The problem is ... I just can't choose which room to "give" the stripes too ... I would love to do something like the blue and white panels in the bedroom above against our pale blue walls.

But I also like the taupe and ivory ones, or even gold and ivory like the ones below for our living room ...

Design Dump
Autumn of Design Dump revealed her source for the ones above she had made for her own home ... an online site called Village Workroom and I am dying to check them out myself.

Here's a sampling of the duponi silks they offer ...


You can choose the color, number of panels, width, finished length, lining. And there are 11 options for headers. Do you prefer flat, rod pocket, inverted pleat, pinch pleat ....
modified pinch pleat?

And the cool thing about their site is that after you select exactly what you want, you get an instant quote!

What do you think? Is there a room in your house that could use some bold stripes?