Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Under parisian roof

This is the apartment of Michel Vivien, a world known shoe designer. It is located in an old building in the 11th District of Paris. Deliberately trendy in design, in private life Vivien prefers to be surrounded with «things with the past». By the time of purchase, the loft had grown completely run-down. Though washed and painted, the walls and the ceilings still bear the traces of smoke and soot. Original cast-iron beam bearings and window frames were thoroughly restored. A destroyed fire was replaced with authentic one, bought in an antique shop together with a 60s Danish table and a 20s chair. Elephantine leather armchairs were found in a provincial boxing club, and the head of a bed was brought from the Balearic Islands (Spain). The walls are an insight into the designer's fantasy and inspiration: sketches and drafts are casually pinned next to pictures by modern artists, photographs and icons.