Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contemplating Green

Whilst browsing through the images I have saved on my laptop today I pulled these three out as they caught my eye.  I seem to be drawn to green lately.  I don't know why as I have always been surrounded by so much blue thanks to my mother.  There seems to be something so grounded about green.  I mean, I wouldn't ever paint the outside of my house green but I have to say that I love the look of that beautiful old house in the top image with the fresh white trim.  I think I could accept green as an accent in my life. 

Look at Tory {middle image} sitting there ever-so-stylishly with that beautiful green side table mixed with the blue and white garden stools.  My mother is not a fan of green but look at all of that green in her lounge room {last image}...??  What's with that Mum?

Mixed with lots of white and blue and pink or blue and red and yellow, I think green could be a great colour to get to know a bit more...

image 1 - via frolic, image 2 - via peak of chic, image 3 - anna spiro

Painted panelling and bookcases

Jan and I are very busy to finish some projects before the end of the year, so I do not have that much time to blog! Next year I will share some pictures of all the projects we were working on this year!

Today I have chosen to post some pictures of painted panelling and bookcases of earlier projects.

The pictures are all of the portfolio of our company LEFEVRE INTERIORS.

1Lefèvre Interiors

2Lefèvre Interiors

4 Lefèvre Interiors

11 Lefèvre Interiors

5 Lefèvre Interiors

12 Lefèvre Interiors

9 Lefèvre Interiors

8 Lefèvre Interiors

3 Lefèvre Interiors

15 Lefèvre Interiors

16Lefèvre Interiors

6 Lefèvre Interiors

20 Lefèvre Interiors

7 Lefèvre Interiors

17 Lefèvre Interiors

18 Lefèvre Interiors

19 Lefèvre Interiors

10 Lefèvre Interiors

14 Lefèvre Interiors

13 Lefèvre Interiors

21 Lefèvre Interiors

Talk to you soon!

Love for Belgian Linen

Last week I had an appointment with the representative of LIBECO, our world-known company for Belgian linen. It was a few months ago since he visited and I really needed some information about new linens, especially about the Libeco Home Collection, table and bed linen.

I am always surprised about all these beautiful, different textures and range of colors ! I just love the natural touch of our Belgian linen.

Since Axel Vervoordt introduced us to the linen slipcovers for seats and chairs, a lot of designers started to work with linen.

In Belgian interiors you will see linen used for draperies and blinds, for seating upholstery, table, bed and bath linen.

I am not aiming to tell you about the history of linen today, I want you to give some ideas how to use linen in your interior.

But if you want to know more about the flax’ history you will find a lot to read at the LIBECO website HERE.

Diane Dorrans Seaks of the Style Saloniste blog wrote a very interesting blogpost about Belgian linen HERE ! It is a most interesting article to read!

53 source Libeco website

54source Libeco website

Click on LIBECO logo to visit the website.


Growing up in the Belgian area, known for the linen industry, will definitely explain my love for linen.


Our orangery where I used linen for the draperies and the slipcovered seats.


Our living room with linen upholstered seats.


I really love the combination of natural materials as here in our library, a combination of an oak woodpaneling and a linen upholstered seat.

There is a wide range of colors and textures available in linen fabrics.

And did you know that from the moment you order a certain number of meters, the LIBECO company will dye the linen in your particular chosen color!!!

So, linen can be used for all your window treatment.

32 source

Just love the color of the draperies matching the oak parquetry floor. Beautiful!

43 Linen sample card LIBECO

45source Trouvais blog

Linen blinds.

33 source

41 Linen sample card LIBECO

Seat and chair upholstery.


Window treatment with linen and velvet chair upholstery and table cloth. A perfect combination at this living room.

31 source

42 Linen sample card LIBECO

Table linen.

44source unknown

20 source Libeco website

Here you see a sample card of the Libeco Napoli Vintage linen. Beautiful texture and colors for your table linen.

38 Linen sample card LIBECO

2 source Garnier

One of my favorite colors is celadon. Libeco offers a lot of shades of celadon linen. The Garnier’s sofa with a celadon slipcover.

3source Scapa

We all know by now that Axel Vervoordt introduced us to the linen slipcovered seating. Some of the images below show you different styles of seating, all with a linen slipcover.

9 Axel Vervoordt

13 Axel Vervoordt

29 source unknown

50 source Puylaert Home Basics

28 source At Ease Interiors

6 Axel Vervoordt

10 Axel Vervoordt


8 Axel Vervoordt

Linen slipcovers for chairs.

I love the mix of these kitchen chairs at the castle of Axel Vervoordt.

11 Axel Vervoordt

48 Bobby McAlpine

24source Libeco website

21source Libeco website

1 source unknown

Again a sample card of beautiful ‘ready made’ Libeco table linen

36 Linen sample card LIBECO

22 source Libeco website

23source Libeco website

46source unknown

37 Linen sample card LIBECO

49 source unknown

A linen skirt for this desk.


19source Libeco website

18source Libeco website

This is the sample card of the bedlinen of the picture here above.

39 Linen sample card LIBECO

15 source Libeco website

14 Axel Vervoordt

Linen wear

16 source Libeco website

Libeco linen wear sample card.

40 Linen sample card LIBECO

17 source Libeco website

And maybe you will find your perfect Christmas present, as this embroidered napkin, browsing through the LIBECO HOME catalogue.

26 source Libeco website

To browse through the LIBECO Home Catalogue, click on cover.


And finally I want to introduce you to a very beautiful blog about linen, ‘LINENS by didriks, where you will find a lot of interesting information about Belgian linen!

I hope you enjoyed my post of today!