Thursday, June 2, 2011

City adventures

So last Sunday ... as part of my birthday weekend... (it always nice when you can extend the celebration beyond one day) my three men indulged me in a trip into the city for the first weekend of the Randolph Street Market Festival which is open the last weekend of each month through October. 

I love, love, love this street fair and try to make it down at least a couple times a summer. To me, it's like an adult treasure hunt. And someone was even smart enough to take that idea and extend it to the kids.

Each kiddo is given ...

... their own treasure map of things to find at the various booths.  When they do, the vendor initials it, and if they fill up their map, they get to pick their own "treasure" out of a chest at the end.

It's tucked inside here ...

Bubbles. Chalk. Crayon. Map. Pretty cute.

But first ... there was breakfast at Orange.

Probably our favorite brunch place ever.

That's Kyle drinking his freshly squeezed watermelon mango juice.  Yeah, you can pick your fruits, mix and match. Into the juicer. Yum. Best juice ever.

Just waiting for our fruishi to arrive.
(Fruit + Sushi = Fruishi)
It's kind of a breakfast appetizer.

Thoroughly stuffed, we were ready to roll

Just steps inside I spotted these cool old baskets filled with ... antlers!  Interesting centerpiece.  I also like the antlers individually resting on a coffee table or mantel.

There was a lot of what I like to call "industrial chic" which is a trend I'm kind of loving myself ... especially when a more industrial piece is paired with something softer or feminine like this antique mirror.

Awesome butcher block table ...

I loved the patina on this zinc tub ... would make a nice planter. Oooh ... there's a nice demijohn jug too.

I love these blue mason jars to use as vases, and I actually bought a couple more to have on hand.  They're also pretty inside a glass front kitchen cabinet.

Great candlesticks, glass jars, old tins, vintage lamp to the left ... wait ... what's that under the lamp? Um, yeah. I think it is.  "Biology chart" for your bedroom anyone?

Ok ... so this is not a good picture ... it was starting to sprinkle ... but these mercury glass vases with an emblem on the front made me swoon.  I really, really wanted them but ....

Within minutes we went from sprinkles to monsoon.

We took cover under one of the vendors tents, waiting for it to pass, or even let up, but it never did.  The water was coming so fast even the tents looked like they might collapse under the weight of the water. We had to make a run for it ... our car was at least 3 blocks away.

We made it.

It is pretty fun to run in the rain.


I am wondering if those mercury glass bottles will still be there next month.