Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the sun shine ...

Well, this upcoming week is our first "official" week of summer with the boys finally done with school.  Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like a good week for the pool.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for some sun at the very least even if it's not all that warm.

Speaking of sun ... (nice segue way, eh?) ... I have always been a fan of  sunburst mirrors. There are so many pretty ones. I just recently noticed a new one from Ballard Designs that I hadn't seen before.

Then, just today I spotted this DIY mirror on a blog called Centsational Girl.

Guess what it's made out of?

Paint stir sticks! Don't you just love it? 

Sure it's not quite the same as the Ballard one ... but compare the cost: $10 vs. $349!

Check out the whole tutorial on how to make one here.

Wishing everyone some sunshine this week!