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interior painting

                         Interior Painting - Modern Interior Design

       One of the most important questions when deciding which proposed to eventually follow up with painting the interior is: what can you live or work every day, for days. The bedroom needs to relax so that we can achieve a good night's rest is difficult to understand as much as possible that you will do.
Common require living space feel more alive so that we can socialize and be creative. However, waiting rooms and lounges, office space, need to reflect the sophistication of calm so that patients and clients feel welcome and make the quiet house painting.

        We want to please everyone somehow ... all the time. But there are colors out of beige, taupe, cream, and eggshell. They will not damage the bank, offend or disturb because there is so much you can do with paint: mix and mute the color, line, pattern or stencil sponges, and faux finishes to name a few.
Interior paint consists of pigments, solvents, additives and binders. Similar to paint the artists', the (oil or water) solvent paint kept in liquid state until ready for use. Solvent and the pigment is the easy part. The most influential aspect of interior painting is the additives and binders that give texture and finished appearance.

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interior design

                     Modern Interior Design Career Best Collection
There is more to Design Interior of home decor. career opportunities for graduates of interior design is not limited.
According to the United States Department of Labor, employment of interior designers is expected to grow 19 percent from 2006 to 2016, faster than the average for all jobs you want.

If you are interested in hands-on education, working with the latest design software technology, which produces a variety of positions to meet, this may be a career path for you. Getting a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design or Interior Design & Decorating Associates degree and start your career as a:
Health Designer - Designing the interior structure of hospitals, doctors offices, medical clinics and facilities. An interior designer's job is to ensure the health of medical facilities constructed within the rules set and technical requirements needed to function. Also, the main role of an interior designer is to design a medical clinic for optimal operational productivity and improve the bottom line.

Buyer or Purchasing Agent - Working for a large retail stores, department stores and furniture stores. A buyer decides what merchandise will be sold in stores. Professional Buyers travel to trade fairs and innovator for the latest trends that can be made for their inspiration.

Set Designer - Working in television, film exhibitions, and theater sets. A designer set to work closely with the director and script study to determine the appropriate set design. This includes choosing furniture, wall & floor coverings and other props to give the desired atmosphere and set the term of the script.

Orangery redo – Final version


I am pleased to share with you today the pictures of the finishing part of our orangery-redo. The pictures are taken by me with a cybershot Sony camera, so forgive me for my unprofessional photographie.


foto's 052


foto's 058


foto's 054

Coffee table executed by our company Lefèvre Interiors.


foto's 056

The existing sofa is slipcovered with the identical linen as the upholstery of the new large sofa opposite.

BeforeBefore2Photo credit : Fotografie Claude Smekens

foto's 043

The color of the lime paint is much warmer than the flat cool grey painted walls before.

BeforeBefore3 Photo credit : Fotografie Claude Smekens



At the upper part of the chimney mantelpiece we hung a group of antlers.


foto's 011

To obtain a more straight and clean look, I have chosen for a fixed upholstered large sofa.


foto's 012 



This will be my new reading corner!

BeforeIMG_6738Photo credit : Efi De Grande

foto's 046

I just love the color of my antique vase I placed on the chimney piece.


foto's 049


foto's 035


foto's 039


The orangery is much warmer, lighter, much airier and more peaceful than before. Aren’t you agree?

For my readers who have missed the orangery-redo in progress and who are interested in reading about it, click here, here and here.


Custom made furniture;  seating & decoration : Lefèvre Interiors

Linen fabrics : Libeco

Painting : Dankers Decor


I am curious about your thoughts!



New Things

New Tables

New Paintings

New Blue and White Bone Inlay Boxes and Pink Inlay boxes too...

Another new painting

And another fabulous and very reasonably priced table

It really is like Christmas at Black & Spiro lately with all of the beautiful new things we have arriving from our overseas suppliers and also our wonderful Australian suppliers too.  Here are a few things which just arrived in this week.  I am finding it hard not to take things home.  I whisked one of the new pink inlaid trays home with me yesterday and I am obsessed with it...almost as much as my garden!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Architectural Design House - Modern Design Ideas

              Architectural Design House - Modern Design Ideas
       Architectural design of your home will give you new ideas about building a house ', is a function that is suitable for your lifestyle and tastes.
Facts and reality is if it involves someone architects to work with you in designing your home can sound scary and definitely behind the expensive but ironically the two scenarios as far as this is concerned there will not be any architect.
              Architectural home design

Architects in Hampstead, London and Kensington in particular will know that the houses in this area of its 'period' with new housing stock coming to market that are usually flat - house rarely occurs. This makes it difficult not only to find properties suitable to integrate contemporary architectural design but also to get the applications in need through previous plans.
This is where the architects of your expertise will come in to play. When the design process at the start of the early architects of your home, through experience, will know what will best work for your clients and what they will get planning consent which was in need. I can not stress enough how important the concept of 'balance' is. Very rarely have a client I had to 'compromise' on what they want. Therefore we have put our heads together and get the best architectural design from scratch.

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Garden Pots Inside

After planting a few little pots for my garden table on the weekend I have been thinking I might do a few more so that I can bring some inside to put on the table in our lounge room or to place down the centre of the dining table when we have people over for dinner.  I also love how they are placed on the bench in the bathroom I have posted above.  I think it would be a nice idea to find an old rack with perforated shelves {like Brooke's} so that I can store lots of potted up succulents and also my potted bulbs and herbs in the garden near our garden shed.  Lots to do!!

PS.  If anyone is wanting to plant up some of these traditional little terracotta pots, I purchased mine from Bunnings.  I think they were approximately $2.50 per pot.  And if you live in Brisbane and want to purchase some bulbs then head to Bunnings as well.  Bulbs can be a bit tricky to buy here in Brisbane due to them not really liking our climate.   Oh and one more thing, if you want to plant some sweet peas you need to get them in this week if you live here!!  Mine were planted yesterday.  I can't wait to see them grow and flower over the coming weeks.

PPS. I only know these things about when to plant etc. thanks to Merve, Uncle Robbie, my mother, my grandmother and the lovely man at Bunnings who is my new best friend.  What would I do without them!!

image 1 - via delight by design scanned from easy elegance, image 2 - {thanks viera}

Interior Design Ideas - Tips Hall of Design Modern New

              Interior Design Ideas - Tips Hall of Design Modern New
       The old adage 'You'll never get a chance to three to make a first impression is to remind the importance of the entrance to your home - an introduction to yourself and how we live peacefully and securely in peace. In this case we will welcome the world, and leave the first impression with family, friends and visitors there.
Beyond that may occur darkness, cold and hostile, but otherwise in our offer so perfect warm, lightweight, and comfortable.

Range of floor suitable for the entrance and many people will offer wonderful opportunities for traditional decorative home care, hard floor such as stone flags, marble, terracotta tile or wood all of your options is good. If you've been lucky enough to live in a Victorian house you can probably find some very unusual encaustic tiles below include more modem and colors they can give you the keys to your scheme.

Carpets can also be received, but make sure that the mat door (must be set correctly so that its surface is flush with the floor coverings) in pairs at the entrance to prevent dirt on the board walk with all the occupants of the house.

Lighting plays an important role in determining the model of the entrance room. Interior lights (maybe a lantern for a traditional house and downlightr for more beautiful and certainly very modern) will signal your presence at the gate house dam and visitor guide to the interior of your home. In the space itself is very good, at the level of light needed and this should be directed at whatever you have chosen to highlight - a beautiful stenciled floor, a piece of sculpture on a pedestal or block from a huge vase of flowers and fresh: the choice is yours .

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Kitchens with that little bit more


Do you know that feeling when you see a picture of a dining room or a living room or a kitchen of which you can’t keep your eyes of? Well that happened with me looking at these kitchen images. They all have that little bit more…! Definitely to me!


2 image source here

Wouldn’t you love to be invited to have dinner in this kitchen? I certainly would !!!


Last week I discovered a beautiful blog of 2 lovely ladies, Renee and Angela. The blog UNDER SPANISH MOSS . My dear friends, I really want to advice you to visit this gorgeous blog! Although Renee and Angela started their blog not so long ago, it looks very promising. You will find the most beautiful images of architecture and interior design.

Browsing through this blog, I came across these beautiful kitchen pictures that Angela and Renee posted, talking about the architect Kevin Harris  HERE. I might think that you will all love this blog!

I couldn’t resist to show you 2 of the pictures of this Tuscan inspired kitchen by Kevin Harris.

19image source : Kevin Harris

11image source : Kevin Harris

To die for, isn’t it?



1 image source here

Coming home after work to relax in this kitchen?! No doubt!



15 image source : here

Soft and creamy.



14 source : unknown

Notice the way that cabinet is integrated in that kitchen wall.



17 image source : here

I have always loved the entire tiled kitchen walls with “Hollandse witjes”. Don’t you?



16 Kitchen of Guesthouse Bonifacius Bruges

This is a picture of the kitchen of the guesthouse Bonifacius in Bruges! A wonderful place to stay if you ever visit Bruges! Take a look at the website : You will not regret it!



3 image source here

French inspired! Always charming.



18source : unknown

Gorgeous built-in cabinet with antique doors.



13 source : unknown

I love the wall finish here.


12 source : unknown

I do love everything about this kitchen!



35079_07.tif image source : here

Isn’t that a wonderful blue-gray color? Notice the plank floor and that stunning wall light here.



5image source : here

Beautiful combination of the white cabinets with the stained table and lovely kitchen chairs!



Since I have discovered the kitchen of Susan, the author of the blog TWO MAISONS ,  I filed the pictures because I just looovvveee this kitchen! No clutter and so airy.


23The old cheese planks that Susan used for the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are fabulous!

20 Notice the wooden beam!


22 And that beautiful 18th century French pantry door of which Susan scraped off the paint inch by inch!

To read the before and after post of Susan’s beautiful kitchen, click here .


Talk to you soon! In my next post I will show you the pictures of our finished orangery redo!



Sorry for the unknown image sources. If anyone can tell me the source, please let me know. I will be pleased to adjust it on this post.