Thursday, March 3, 2011

So that's what they're called ...

As I was writing my post earlier this week, An Easy Idea with High Impact, I couldn't find the word I was looking for to describe the large bottles.

Then today I saw this article on Houzz: Flea Market Finds: Demijohns Around the Home . Demijohns! That's it!

The subtitle goes on to read "Once Purely Functional, Now Decorative, These Bottles are Worth the Hunt." I agree, don't you?

Old World Custom Home contemporary dining room

It's an interesting history of the bottles along with more pretty ideas on how to use them and group them. They date back hundreds of years and were originally used to transport everything from wine to molasses.

In addition the inexpensive ones I found, I still love the one I mentioned in my post on vintage finds.

And then, as fate would have it ... yesterday I found these lamps.  I guess you could call kinda call them demijohn lamps ...

I love that they are two different sizes. It's a departure from the symmetrical look of buffet lamps ... and I always like the unexpected! Plus I love to display actual serving pieces on a buffet .. and while you obviously wouldn't put anything in these bottles, I like that they are an ode to the historic demijohns that might have graced an elegant buffet table long ago.

Have you found any demijohns for your spring branches yet?