Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sofa Pillow Number And Placement Design

Sofa Pillow Number And Placement Design.Sofa Pillow Number And Placement Design Two or four large pillows arranged on either side of the sofa instill a sense of symmetry and order that no more elegant tergantikan.keindahan terlehat clearly, with a blend of colors that are very special.

Shape and size: The size of the right depends on how big sofa you want, but all of it is pride for faithful people because of the desire of each person is different, but for eye-pleasing proportions, try pairing a square pillow measuring 20 by 22 inches with a small box or circle.

Trim: Save big like a tassel trim edges, to a greater cushion "to give them more oomph," said Scott Salvator, a designer in New York City. Small pillow to see the best with slim trim, such as braided or tali.membuat living things. "Sometimes more is more," said Flesher.
Material: Velvet and silk look great in a classic atmosphere. Layering various textures, patterns, and colors To help patterns such as paisleys and florals mixed without looking fussy, Donovan suggested that the couple is busy with a simple pattern, such as "boxes complicated with great interest that only two or three colors." A print and coordinating solid will work as pedamping beauty perfectly.