Sunday, February 28, 2010

A wood paneled farmhouse.

The owners of a renovated farmhouse asked me to make a design for the woodpaneling at the sitting area and the dining room.

The woodpaneling is made by my company Lefèvre Interiors.

Valcke 1

The sitting area with the oak manelpiece and wood paneling.

Valcke 6

Valcke 2

Valcke 5

This is the the view from the sitting area towards the dining room.

The entrry hall is situated between sitting area and dining room.

Valcke 3

Also the shutters at the entry hall are made by my company.

Valcke 7

Painted wood paneling for the dining room.

Valcke 8

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girly Design and Feminine Wiles

I'm a sucker for really well designed girly rooms.  Pink and
Green is one fantastic combo, but it's hard to get that right
hue if you're not designing a garden tea party.  Gina Viscusi
Elson of Viscusi Elson Interior Design certainly got this luxe
boudoir right!  Lacquered Fuschia cabinets, with luxe velvet
on a chaise, mirrors on a huge patterned mirror - she really
made this space a fantasy boudoir for girl.

Here's a very sophisticated space that has feminine touches to it.
Designed by Elizabeth Cutler of San Francisco.

Now this space is just super fun!  This space is designed by Linda Allen
and it is absolutely fantastic.  It's Audrey Hepburn meets an haute couture
store in Paris. I love all of the pink and black finishes in the room.

She carried the motif throughout the room.

This room is not complete without a spa. 
Check out the pink poodle lamp to the side!

These girls show that being eco-friendly can be
super glam.  I Love the countertops!  They are
made by IceStone and it is a mixture of recycled
concrete and glass.  The palette in this kitchen
really makes it a beautiful and feminine place.

On a separate note, since I've never been much of an artist (stick figures) 
I've always admired others who can draw - especially portraits which is
one of the most difficult subjects to draw in my opinion.  I stumbled upon
Jill Stalowicz' site called Smallish and it is obvious what great talent she
has at drawing black and white portraits. 

The details that come out in black and white portraits are just amazing.
Jill draws portraits in 5 x 7 frames.  If you're thinking of a unique gift
for someone, a portrait can be a very special gift.

I grew up in the ideal home where my mom was a stay at home mom.
Having wonderful memories of childhood is something very special and
something to hold dear.  We all love interiors and design, but outside
of interiors - there are those special things that actually makes a house
into a home.  I thought this was a pretty neat book that reminds us of
those little things that makes a house a home.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few things to know

First of all I want to thank my Belgian friend Brigitte from Brigitte Garnier’s Lifestyle blog for the Kreativ blogger award I received from her. She asked me to tell 7 things about myself. In earlier posts I already wrote about myself so I like to refer to these posts here and here.


kreativ_blogger_award BG

Thank you so much Brigitte!


For those who do not know yet Brigitte’s blog, please visit her beautiful blog! Click on the picture here below to visit.


A few days ago my friend Brooke from Velvet and Linen, did an amazing post! She told about a client’s room design she did together with her husband Steve!  Well, I was so impressed  that I wanted to mention this here and to advise you to go to see her post! I know that a lot of you have seen it already but maybe you should go see it for a second time! I LOOVVEE Brooke’s design of this room!!!

6a00e554d7b827883301310f25975c970c-500wi I assume that everything started with this beautiful Swedish cabinet Brooke found. So she begged her clients to buy it!

Isn’t it a gorgeous piece of furniture?



So Brooke’s husband Steve started to make a drawing of the room! Do you notice the Swedish Cabinet on the right of the chimney ?!


And here the cabinet is finally brought into the room!


6a00e554d7b82788330120a8beb0c1970b-500wi  I might think that Brooke’s clients are proud now with this room and that they really are happy to have followed Brooke’s advice to buy the cabinet!

If you want to see more about this room or if you want to see it for a second time, go to visit Brooke’s post here.

Congratulations Brooke and Steve! I hope to work together with you on a room’s design once!


2 new blogs I discovered

Finally I want you to visit 2 interesting blogs I discovered.

Malvini Puur


This is a new Belgian blog. Véronique the author of the blog tells about the beautiful furniture of the company Malvini that she and her husband own and about all things in which she is interested.



a wine table of the Malvini Collection


a dining table of the Malvini Collection

Or this…


stoneware of Charlotte Storrs


or Anne Linneman.

So check Véronique’s blog on


This Cobbled Path

This-Cobbled-Path-Header 01 

This is a design blog. The authors are the owners of an interior design boutique in Tampa, Florida.

This boutique is called The Cobbled Path.


Check this blog on


So I assume that you know what to do this evening!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rug Love

I have been obsessed with this Matthew Williamson rug from The Rug Company for a little while. I would love one of these for our new house but I think it will definitely be way out of our price range. The colours used are divine and I just love the pattern. Doesn't it look beautiful with that pink sofa and I especially like it placed on the white painted timber floors!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Set of Vintage Plates

A pretty set of plates are available on Vintage by Lou Lou's Ebay store as above. Don't they look wonderful hung on that aqua wall?!

Closet and Dressing Inspirations for 2010

Since fashion and accessories is one of my many obsessions, I always love
seeing beautifully designed closets and dressing rooms.  In this case, a
large room that probably could have been a living room that's been made
into a super fun, colorful and feminie dressing room and closet.

Whoever designed this closet made sure that every space,
crook and cranny was used to it's fullest potential.  The
analytical side of me absolutely loves that!

Of course if you have the space, being able
to stretch your legs out is fantastic too.

Here's a very modern bedroom with fantastic floors I must say.  The
closet is open to the bedroom but solid doors close off all of the clutter
leaving a very white and bright modern space.

Who says you have to paint your cabinetry white?  This
closet has a great shade of blue on all the cabinetry -- and
you can never really go wrong with a Moroccan pouff ^_^

Don't have enough room for a walk-in-closet?  Never fear, you
can still have a super organized and ultra efficient space for your

If you don't have a lot of space in your closet, a garden stool is
a great thing to throw in so you can have a little spot to sit on.

Don't have a coat closet in the front entry?  You
can use a wardrobe like this one.  Great organization.

Sliding doors or fabric curtains like this can save a lot of space.

For those of you who don't like to see the clutter
in a closet, using solid doors is the answer.

Sunset Home has some great orgainzational books including
this one above.  Hope this post has given you some closet
organization inspiration for any of you who have made
resolutions this year to organize your home!  I know I have.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christie Brinkley's Dining Room

I adore this image {above} of Christie Brinkley's dining room as styled by Kim Ficaro. In particular I am in-love with the April Gornik painting hanging in the background with those gorgeous silver vases filled with peonies on the dining table. Such a beautiful composition!

Love the fabric on her sofa too!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Life as I know it just doesn't seem to be getting any slower or less hectic. Sometimes I crave a more subdued life but I suppose that's just not me. I am one who loves things happening and if I wasn't complaining about how hectic everything is then I would be complaining about how boring and uninteresting everything is.

You see, I am juggling a few large balls in the air at the moment along with being pregnant with our second child, due to arrive early May {thought it was about time to disclose this information as clients have been looking at me in a strange way too scared to say "have you put on weight or are you pregnant?"}, we are renovating the shop which is very, very exciting. After being there for 10 years now, it is time for a freshen up and as the business has grown we are desperate for more space.

We have taken over more floor space in the upstairs section of our building which will accommodate a large client meeting room, my new office which I will share with Kelly who project manages all our work, and a large fabric sample room. This will enable the shop downstairs to extend through to the back of the building where my office and client meeting room is currently. With the arrival of our beautiful Stuart Membery pieces of furniture due late April/early May this extra shop space is going to be wonderful!

Here's a sneak peek above of upstairs. I took this photo on Friday. The painters are almost finished. The floors are still to be sanded and painted {white gloss} and lighting installed. We should be up-and-running upstairs sometime within the next month. I can't wait to have a special room to meet clients in. Downstairs has become so crazy and jam obvious sign that it was time to expand upstairs.

Not only are we renovating the shop, with the arrival of a newborn on the horizon, we have bought a new house which is larger than our current cottage with more land as well. Although I will be so sad to say good-bye to our little house {and the fact that I didn't really get to finish it off the way I wanted to} it just won't accommodate our needs with our growing family. The new house, which is actually a very old house and was built in 1887, is going to be a wonderful project which I will keep you all updated on as we move forward.

So, with all that is going on it was nice to spend some time pottering around the cottage this weekend. I was inspired by the vignette I posted on Friday to move a few of my things around. I purchased some orchids and clustered them on our entry table on a silver tray my mother gave me. Whilst I pottered around, Ned just couldn't help but bring lots of mud into the house on the white floors. So many people ask me how I feel about our white floors. I must say they are so hard to keep clean with a big Golden Retriever bouncing in and out of the house but I do love them and continue to put up with having to have them cleaned 3-4 times per week.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. There are a few more very exciting things in the pipeline but those things are for another day. I just thought I would bring you up-to-speed with what's been happening in my world lately.



all images - anna spiro

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty Table Vignette

I love a good table vignette and this one by Kim Ficaro certainly ticks all the boxes for me. So pretty! Have a great weekend. See you next week.

Image - Kim Ficaro Stylist via Aubrey Road