Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge ~ and the winner is Eddie Ross

Bloomingdale's held a Big Window Challenge and I thought I would share
the photos of the 3 Rooms that were designed for the challenged.  Voters
voted on their favorite and the winner was the room that Eddie Ross
 designed on behalf of Elle Decor.

This was the sided room that Eddie designed for Elle Decor.
What I love about this room most are all of the vintage and
antique pieces paird with lots of fun color.

It's exactly the eclectic sort of mix that I like -
blending new with the old and colors with neutrals.

What a fun candy bowl!  Very Marie Antoinette.

The spread looks exactly like what a chic
and polished woman would have in her home.

I also really enjoyed this room which was designd by one of the founders
of the fabulous site Apartment Therapy.  Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan aptly
named his room the Romantic Writer's Supper.  What a perfect name
for the room.  Since I adore books, I thought this room was chalk full
of character.

He used this fun wallpaper on one end
that shows shelves and shelves of books.

A super comfortable leather reading chair is always a must in a writer's den.

Love that the coffee table is done up in an antique mirrored finish.

This room was put together by Eileen Joyce on behalf of Bloomingdale's. 
While I love midcentury modern furniture, the room quite honestly didn't
have much as an impact on me as the other rooms.  Perhaps it's because of
all the eye candy in the other rooms.  However, I can see that someone
with a very clean and straight line aesthetic would like this room.  It looks
good, but it's very "expected."

I do like the curtains and the chair though.

Hope you all enjoyed browsing through these very different rooms.