Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few things to know

First of all I want to thank my Belgian friend Brigitte from Brigitte Garnier’s Lifestyle blog for the Kreativ blogger award I received from her. She asked me to tell 7 things about myself. In earlier posts I already wrote about myself so I like to refer to these posts here and here.


kreativ_blogger_award BG

Thank you so much Brigitte!


For those who do not know yet Brigitte’s blog, please visit her beautiful blog! Click on the picture here below to visit.


A few days ago my friend Brooke from Velvet and Linen, did an amazing post! She told about a client’s room design she did together with her husband Steve!  Well, I was so impressed  that I wanted to mention this here and to advise you to go to see her post! I know that a lot of you have seen it already but maybe you should go see it for a second time! I LOOVVEE Brooke’s design of this room!!!

6a00e554d7b827883301310f25975c970c-500wi I assume that everything started with this beautiful Swedish cabinet Brooke found. So she begged her clients to buy it!

Isn’t it a gorgeous piece of furniture?



So Brooke’s husband Steve started to make a drawing of the room! Do you notice the Swedish Cabinet on the right of the chimney ?!


And here the cabinet is finally brought into the room!


6a00e554d7b82788330120a8beb0c1970b-500wi  I might think that Brooke’s clients are proud now with this room and that they really are happy to have followed Brooke’s advice to buy the cabinet!

If you want to see more about this room or if you want to see it for a second time, go to visit Brooke’s post here.

Congratulations Brooke and Steve! I hope to work together with you on a room’s design once!


2 new blogs I discovered

Finally I want you to visit 2 interesting blogs I discovered.

Malvini Puur


This is a new Belgian blog. Véronique the author of the blog tells about the beautiful furniture of the company Malvini that she and her husband own and about all things in which she is interested.



a wine table of the Malvini Collection


a dining table of the Malvini Collection

Or this…


stoneware of Charlotte Storrs


or Anne Linneman.

So check Véronique’s blog on


This Cobbled Path

This-Cobbled-Path-Header 01 

This is a design blog. The authors are the owners of an interior design boutique in Tampa, Florida.

This boutique is called The Cobbled Path.


Check this blog on


So I assume that you know what to do this evening!