Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summer decoration

Need some inspiration for your next summer decoration accessories ?

I picked out a few for you. So make your choice!

Pomax 1 Table decoration

Pomax table wear

Pomax 4 Beach chairs

Pomax beach chairs

Riverdale 1 Candle holder

Riverdale candle holder

Riverdale 6 Tray

Riverdale table wear

Riverdale 5 Candle holder

Riverdale candle holder

Rierdale 5 Room spray

Riverdale room spray

Riverdale 4 Sun glasses box

Riverdale sun glasses box

Rivièra Maison shutter lamp

Rivièra Maison shutter lamp

Riverdale 2 Candle lantern

Riverdale candle lantern

Rivièra Maison 3 Fragranced sachet for fresh linen

Rivièra Maison Fragranced sachet for fresh linen

Sia 4 photoframe

Sia photo frame

Sia 2 Tray

Sia tray

Sia 3 Vase and candle holder

Sia vase and candle holder

Rivièra Maison 4 Côté Est Soup cup

Rivièra Maison Côté Est soup cup

Rivièra Maison 2 Book stand

Rivièra Maison book stand

Rivièra Maison 1 Double hurricane

Rivièra Maison double hurricane

Pomax 2 Table decoration paper napkins

Pomax paper napkins

Riverdale 23Vases

Riverdale vases

Pomax 3 Candle holder

Pomax candle holder

Woestijnroos 1 Planter

Woestijnroos planter

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All images : the respectively websites.