Monday, February 8, 2010

World's Most Astounding and Beautiful Book Stores Series ~ Netherlands

The Dutch have always been inventive and open minded in their solutions. 
One of the most amazing book stores is housed in an 800 year old
Dominican cathedral in Maastricht, Netherlands.  Boekhandel Selexyz
Dominicanen is dubbed a book store that is "made in heaven." 

Can you imagine the scale of this place?

It must feel very peaceful inside.

What a wonderful way to preserve an old
cathedral rather than letting it rot away.

The architects Merkx + Girod did a fantastic job with the design.
Even the cafe table in the middle is in the shape of a cross - an
appropriate reference to the building's original use.

The Dutch are known for the openness to the gay community
and have one of the largest celebrations in the world every

I can only imagine what it feels to browse instead
 since the scale of the cathedral is so grand.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this bookstore
as much as I did.  If you enjoy bookstores and
libraries, this hardcover book has fantastic images
of libraries.

Photos from Flickr and Google Images