Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shelter Design & blog - Julie Richard's Home

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.
I found out about Julie Richard's home through Absolutely Beautiful
.  Julie Richard is an interior designer north of Boston.  Her design 
firm and blog is called Shelter.  I absolutely fell in love with her home.  
My own design taste falls very similar to hers in that it is eclectic.  
Definitely check out her post for more photos.  In the meantime, here's 
a sneak peak.  Love this chair above with the plush velvet and silver nail 
heads.  The pillows are so fun!

Love the midcentury modern styled lamp bases and the white fish vase!  
I actually have the same exact Fleur de Lys mercury glasses. 

Julie completely overhauled this small console.  She lacquered it black 
and replaced the hardware with chinoise influenced handles.  Totally

The small vases have such gorgeous color - 
especially juxtaposed next to the roses.

One of my favorite things is Julie's Inspiration board.  Just awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed a peak at Julie's house.  Remember to check her
blog out if you're interested in seeing more photos.  What is your 
favorite thing from the photos above?

Photos from Shelter blog