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New Year


foto's 031

Jan and me wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2011 !


Play Food and Toys for Tots!

 Happy New Year to everyone!  I apologize for no post the last 2 weeks.
It's been a bit crazy and I was on a cruise with extended family the 
last week (connecting to the internet was $.50 a minute and I heard it
was an ultra slow connection so I refrained.)  

It's that time of life for me when many of my friends are young or new
mothers.  It reminded me that when I was young, I loved playing chef
or having tea parties.  I would have loved to have a little costume and
play food!  All of my picks in this post for play food is from Amazon
where I spend way too much every month on books, gifts and etc.

Since I just returned, I'm afraid I'm a bit late in posting this next part but
it is for a good cause and today is the last day. has
pledged to give up to $50,000 to Toys for Tots based on the number of
"Likes" CouponMountain receives on Facebook. 

Toys for Tots is a charity that gives toys to unprivileged children who 
don't have normally have the chance to receive holiday gifts otherwise.
CouponMountain will give $1 for every time someone clicks the button
"Like" at the top of the below page.  Please take a moment log on and 
click "Like" on CouponMountain and pass it on.

How You Can Give $1 to Toys for Tots:
·      Select “Like”
·      CouponMountain will donate $1
·      Spread the word to your friends


I'm totally on a play food roll.  I think it's so cool 
because I never  got play with bonafide play food ^_^
 Baking cookies (which afterwards one 
can use the cookies in a play tea party.)

 Now this set is pretty cool.  You can decorate a cupcake with 
markers and then wipe them off to do it again and again.  They
have versions of this for cookies as well.  It reminds me of the
Cookie app on the I phone which I totally got hooked on.

 No one should forget about the food groups!

 Another look at the Food Groups.


Can't forget the fruit!  It's best to eat fruit on an empty
stomach to get the maximum nutrients possible - that 
means eating fruit before a meal or as a snack on it's
own.  It sounds like the opposite of what most people
do but it is true. 

 Pizza Party at my house!  This is really fun set for kids.


 This is what it looks like all done up and ready to serve.

How about a play food set for the boys?  What could
be better than a grill set for the boys :)  It's one of 
America's favorite past times in the summer - BBQ
and grill.

I am Asian so I must say that a stir fry set certainly appeals 
to me.  Also because it's just fun to dump food into a pan
and pretend to cook it by stirring it around.

It's pretty good - comes complete with a "knife" for 
chopping, snow peas, beef, mushrooms and veggies. 
There's one thing that I always thought was interesting,
Westerners usually eat the snow pea but not the snow 
pea leaves.  Chinese people usually eat the snow pea
leaves instead.

Last but not least is the special occasion fancy cake set. Every 
girl should have one of these ^_^  Perfect for a play party, a 
play tea party and play wedding.

Here's to getting in touch with your inner child.  Happy New
Year everyone!  I'm going to do my New Years Resolution
for 2011.  Whether I complete them is another story...
usually get at least half way through them so I'm thinking 
this year, my list should be more realistic as to what I think 
I can accomplish.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011


Happy Happy New Year!!

image 1 - kate spade via pretty stuff, image 2 - , image 3 - little of that, image 4 - kates papiere

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Over Red Rover


Well, that's it.  I'm finished for this year.  It has been one of the biggest years of my life.  I've had a beautiful baby boy who I absolutely adore, I've renovated our store, I've imported my very first 2 container loads of Stuart Membery furniture for Black & Spiro, I've moved house, I've started renovating our new house, I've decorated lots of wonderful homes and met lots of lovely new people, I've made new friends and I have to say I haven't cried as much this year...that in itself is a huge achievement for me as I tend to cry when I am stressed so that must mean I haven't been as stressed this year!!

I've had a wonderful year and I am looking forward to spending some much needed time with my boys.  I am looking forward to reflecting on all the things I've achieved this year and I am very much looking forward to having some time over the holidays to make plans and goals for the year which lies ahead.

As I move into the 5th year of posting here on my blog I hope to be able to continue to inspire you as I lead you along my winding road.  I am also looking forward to following the journey of my very talented and kind fellow bloggers in 2011.

Thank you for your interest and for continuing to read my blog.  You are all so wonderful and very supportive.  This really is such a happy and positive community and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you soon.


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost There...

Today I delivered this armchair to one of my lovely clients in Toowoomba.  The orchid printed linen we covered the chair in is actually one of my favourite fabrics at the moment.  I can't wait until tomorrow night as we will be completely finished our pre-Christmas installations and deliveries.  It certainly has been a wonderfully hectic Christmas season and I can't wait to have a couple of weeks away with my boys!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Outside cold – Inside warmth

“King Winter” is ruling over Belgium at this moment! This weekend he treated us again with lots of snow! I know, I know,.. a lot of traffic misery… but on the other hand, gorgeous picturesque scenery!

We were fortunate to be at home this weekend and enjoyed winter time mostly from inside the house.

We tried to hang some Christmas decoration around the house, but we didn’t atteint that far.

Yesterday afternoon we went Christmas “snow” shopping. In Belgium, this time of the year, shops are open on Sundays.

I want to share with you some pictures I took this weekend from inside our home.

Foto 20 december 2010 011 View to our outbuilding.

Foto 20 december 2010 013

Foto 20 december 2010 035 Again the outbuilding and surrounded garden.

Foto 20 december 2010 018 Do you see the whirling snowflakes?

Foto 20 december 2010 036

Here on below you can see the Christmas wreaths we hung at the balcony fence and at the entrance gate.

Foto 20 december 2010 034

The wreaths are covered with snow! You can hardly see them.

Foto 20 december 2010 026

Foto 20 december 2010 029

Last week I decorated inside the house.

Here you can see the Christmas decoration in our orangerie.

Foto 20 december 2010 003


This year our Christmas tree is standing in the living room.

Foto 20 december 2010 005

Foto 20 december 2010 042

To warm you up (especially to my readers who live in countries where it is very cold and where it is snowing), I treat you with some pictures of interiors with a warm color palette.


7 (Victoria Hagan via 1st dibs)source : Victoria Hagan via 1dibs

8source : unknown

1( Katie Leede) source : Katie Leede

3 (Axel Vervoordt Knack Weekend December 2010) source : unknown

2( Katie Leede)source : Katie Leede

6 (Scot Meacham Wood)source : Scot Meacham Wood

9 ( Visual Vamp blog) source : Study room of Valorie from the blog Visual Vamp

12 ( source : Guadarte

10 (Valckenborg Kapellen) source : Valckenborgh

13 (Coté Ouest n° 86) source : unknown

15 (miresparis) source : Mires

14 26 Ray Coggins source : Ray Coggins

11 (miresparis) source : Mires

16 (Decoration Empire)source : Decoration Empire

Aren’t they all beautiful and warm?!



Christmas wishes