Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hand-made Belgian Hardware Jewelry

Peter van Cronenburg started as a cabinet maker in 1983, and because of his frustration to not find the exact hardware he needed to finish his realisations,- most items on the market were to him too 19th Century, with a mechanical finish and artificial patina-, he developed new models to respond to esthetical and technical challenges.

Peter also started collecting historic pieces in order to reproduce them and searched for craftsmen who executed their work in a traditional way.

Over the years, van Croonenburg has envolved into a high-service company with its own foundry that delivers high-quality hand-made architectural hardware.


Peter explains : “ We are committed to the details that make the difference. This soul, this passion can be found in each one of the models of our collection. Our thousand of models go from 16th Century Venetian door handles to ‘Shaker’ knobs, from Louis XV latches to Art Deco door bells, but all have the same in common: they have been thoroughly evaluated in terms of significance, purity of shape, function and proportions.”


Prototypes developed for a client can remain proprietary, or can be integrated in Peter’s collection.

The main manufacturing processes are forging and casting (sand casting as well as ‘cire perdue’), depending on the design and function of the piece.



“Hardware is the jewelry of a house.” (Peter van Cronenburg)


“It is important to make a distinction between rooms of a house : rooms for reception, services and private spaces. The wince cellar door of a connoisseur deserves another handle than a pantry. You don’t enter a library in the same state of mind you do with a workshop.” (Peter van Cronenburg).

From door handles, cabinet fittings, doorbells, to coathangers,… Peter van Cronenburg delivers a unique and privileged service and gives the clients the level of customization they want.



A wide range of finish possibilities is provided.

“We want to obtain an authentic look and feel, no varnishes are used, because the hardware does not age natural, using varnish.”, explains Peter.


Peter van Cronenburg is featured in a lot of publications as in international magazines and in interior design books. See more about the publications at the Peter van Cronenburg website HERE.

21 Beta-Plus Compendium Architectural Antiques


This is a picture at the showroom of Peter van Cronenburg.

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All images : Peter van Cronenburg website; Peter van Cronenburg catalogue; scanned from the Beta-Plus book Compendium Architectural Antiques.

Text : website Peter van Cronenburg