Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Beautiful Gift

I have been told I am hard to buy for. I am unsure why as there are so many things I love including books, beautiful soap, candles, flowers, old silver and table linen just to name a few.

I was recently given the most beautiful book from a friend. She is actually very clever as I remember saying to her quite some time ago I would absolutely love a copy of Cressida Campbell's book. Well, she remembered and over the weekend gave me the book for Christmas.

I could move straight into the paintings Cressida Campbell creates. I feel a connection with her work. I feel that she paints rooms and vignettes which have a real sense of the way we as Australians live.

I put her book on the top of the pile of books on my coffee table and everytime I walk past it, I smile. Now that is what I call a wonderful gift....the gift that keeps on giving.