Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring Has Sprung...

It's the first day of Spring here in Australia and it's my Wedding Anniversary so here are some florals on florals on florals from an old Vogue Living article to celebrate...

A Pretty House

I think this house is so pretty and charming. The all-white background is divine and I love the little hints of blue and pink and red and green.

All images via skona hem

Displaying Collections

I often talk about collections and how to display them. Here a few images to inspire...

All images via skona hem

Bedrooms Full of Color and Life

Not everyone may be comfortable with a bedroom
full of color - but they sure do make for fun and
interesting rooms... Rooms full of life.

I have a soft spot for rooms with dark colors because
they usually feel cozy and have a certain atmosphere
to them - a certain ambience if you will.

Flowered wallpaper isn't usually a favorite of mine,
but I have to admit that the flower print looks fantastic
in this room. The flowers are larger and not too busy
making it a perfect backdrop for the clean white bedding.
Simply gorgeous.

Green is such a soothing color - with the right
hue, the room can also feel fresh and alive.

The greens, chartreuse and yellow really liven
up this attic bedroom.

Monochromatic rooms can be really fun to put
together when there are so many shades to work

Here's a sweet room done up in a dusky rose.

This blue and white reminds me of
blue and white chinaware.

A rainbow of colors.

The same dusky rose with a different look
simply by swapping out blankets and

I absolutely love how rustic this room looks with the
wood paneled walls. The deep magenta really gives
the room a nice pop of color.

Greens, blues pinks and yellows - who says
one has to stick to a monochromatic scheme?

This is a super inspiring room for color if I've ever seen one.
You'll notice the walls are white and all of the color comes
from everything else in the room - the curtains, bedding,
pillows - right down to the super fun striped chair.

Hope this post has given you some inspiration to bring
some color into your bedrooms.

Photos from Country Living

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bright & Colourful

I love these two bright and colourful vignettes....perfect inspiration for Spring!

Top image from British Homes & Gardens and bottom image from Notebook magazine.

Also, I would like to send a huge thanks to Vera Klein for her mention of Absolutely Beautiful Things in this month's Notebook Magazine!! xx Anna

It Has Potential

This little old fisherman's cottage {bottom image} is one I've often admired on my morning walks over at Straddie. I think this house has so much potential and when you look at the top image you might possibly agree with me?!

Image 1 - elle decor

The Castle of Nokere

About twice a week I drive through a little town, called Nokere, where in the rural centre of it, is located the beautiful Castle of Nokere.
In the 16th century the fortress had been ravaged by fire and then rebuilt.
It was only at the end of the 18th century that the castle acquired his classical lines.

This castle is a jewel! A real Belgian Pearl!
The exterior as well as the interior is so elegant!

A few years ago , I was invited for the tea, by the lord of the castle, Baron Jean Casier.
He let me see the interior of the castle and told me about all the beautiful furniture and woodpaneling in the castle.
Unfortunately, Baron Casier passed over last year.

There are no images of the inside of the castle because to this very day the family Casier is living there.

Once a year , in the month of July, the park of the castle is open for public.
But in the surrounding area you can make a beautiful walk, where you can see different sides of the castle of Nokere.

Entrance of the castle

Baron Jean Casier

The bridge to the entrance

One of the sides of the castle that you can see by walking in the surrounding area.

Backside of the castle

The Park of the Castle.
The castle is surrounded by water.

Aerial view of the Castle of Nokere

I hope you have enjoyed this Belgian Pearl.
Have a nice sunday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Belgian Interior Design is setting tone!

Joni from Cote de Texas, did an amazing post of Belgian Design in her blogpost the other day.
As reading the comments on her post, she unchained a real discussion about Belgian Interior Design! She really did a good job, because writing a post that makes us thinking is very interesting!
As being a Belgian interior designer, it is so nice to read that almost all the readers of Joni's post, do love Belgian Design!

And it is true that if a certain design is "hot", from that moment on , it is brought to the masses!
Similar phenomenon is seen in fashion design.
So let us watch what Belgian Design is up to in future!

Indeed, to me, there is a difference between the real designers with their own thoughtful creations and the pseudo-designers with their look-a-like creations.
Question is: who are the real designers and who are the pseudo-designers?

Does the mass sees or feels the difference? Do we all have the perception of authenticity?

A thing to be sure of is, that when you visit the castle of Axel Vervoordt, our most famous designer, you feel pureness and authenticity in all the rooms of the castle!
I wonder what he would think about all this?

In addition to Joni's post , I would like to share some images of interiors, which are all from Belgian Designers (including my company).
Maybe, you will feel and see differences looking at them or you will notice the belgian craftsmanship...
I will not give any comment on the pics. My only intention is that you all enjoy them!

And Joni, thank you so much for adding Belgian Pearls to your bloglist!