Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enchanting chandeliers and glassware

I'have always loved antique chandeliers and glassware. But yes indeed they are quite expensive.

So, re-issues of 18 th century European chandeliers and glassware can be a solution.

So if you will give your home the glamour of a castle, than hang one of these enchanting chandeliers in your home!!

Look at these, should you see that they aren't antique pieces? I won't!...

Re-edition of a belgian chandelier de Liège from the 18th century

Re-edition of an english George II chandelier

Re-edition of an english georgian chandelier

A re-edition of an 18th century Liègeois chandelier in the house of one of my clients

And if you have enough place , you can hang plenty of them!!!

The supplier of these beautiful chandeliers, Mr Jean Pierre Delaby, who I found in Belgium, is a reeditor of antique European chandeliers.

Besides of these chandeliers, Mr Delaby is also the supplier of beautiful reedited glassware.
As these on the images :

Do you love these candlesticks? To me they are gorgeous!

The wine decanter and two candlesticks ,which I bought from Mr Delaby, in my home

A few months ago I saw a report in the French Magazine Côté Est , issue Juin/august 2008 of a Belgian House with images where you could see some chandeliers and glasswork of Mr Delaby!

Here they are...

Two chandeliers

Close up of the chandelier
Wine decanter


Wine decanters

Mr Delaby can be proud of the fact that he has been the supplier of the glassware in a few movies, as the movie "VATEL" and the movie "MARIE-ANTOINETTE"!
Congratulations Mr Delaby!
Images: Jadis au Présent, Côté Sud, Lefèvre Interiors,Greet