Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspiring Belgian homes and castles

First of all I really want to thank all of you to visit my blog the past hours and for your reaction on my blog and emails to ! Many thanks for your support! I do hope that all of you will like the folllowing post as much as the previous...

Today, I like you to show and to tell about houses and castles in Belgium which are to me a source of inspiration in my dayly live. I can't write about all of them because it would be an endless list...

So first I want you to meet "Villa Rozenhof". This is the property of our Belgian couturier Eduard Vermeulen. His houselabel : NATAN.

Eduard Vermeulen

Among his clients: the Royal Family from Belgium and the Royal Family from The Netherlands. Here you see our Belgian Princess Mathilde,dressed by Natan.

Princess Mathilde from Belgium

He does not have only a passion for fashion but he has a tremendous good taste of interior designing and decorating.

So he lives in a beautiful 18the century "Gentilhommière", near Brussels.

Here you can see the outside of his house and some images of the inside.

I like the antique French woodpaneling with in front of that he contemperary sofas.

Image scanned from Magazine Nest

Rozenhof woodpaneling and......

.... Lefèvre Interiors woodpaneling

Do you see the resemblance of the cabinet in his house with the cabinet on the image taken at one of my clients?



Isn't that a beautiful house to live in?

The second house I want you to show, is a beautiful 18 th century private mansion. And good news for those who planned a trip to Belgium: you could stay there for some time because it's a hotel!! It's given the name "Hotel Verhaegen" and it is situated in Ghent.

Marc Vergauwe and Jan Rosseel are both interior designers and are the owners of the hotel, where they can show their amazing interior design work.

So if you visit Belgium don't forget to stop by ! It's one of my favourites!

Meanwhile, I give you some images to stir up your curiosity...

Compare the console (wall-table) on the image with that in my house...

Another beautiful home that inspires me (and most interior designers all over the world I guess) is the "Castle of 's Gravenwezel" near Antwerp.

This is the home of our famous belgian decorator and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt.

Every year the castle opens his doors a few days for the public. I won't miss any of them!!

About Axel Vervoordt, I could tell you a lot...Mr and Mrs Vervoordt are very kind and charming persons.

If you visit the castle, you want not to leave it anymore! Please take a look at their website.

You'll enjoy!

Brooke (from Velvet & Linen), I know that you like to see images of Axel Vervoordt. I'll think about that in future!

Because you're not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the castle, I haven't any of my own so I have to search for them on the web. But here below I'll show you some of the outside that are mines and from other people who put them on the web.

Here are images of the ouside.

Do you see this little house from which I took a picture last summer? I think Axel Vervoordt built that in the garden for his grand-daughter. So lovely!!

Little trees who are planted in a "tree"-box.

Ok, I know, your boxes are bigger than mine , Mr Vervoordt!!

Here a few images of the inside of the castle!


Compare my library with the library in the castle. Did you see where I went for inspiration?

See the colour inside the cabinet in the kitchen of Mr Vervoordt and the colour inside my cabinet in the kitchen.

And at least I don't want you to keep withhold from another Belgian Pearl : the "Castle of Beloeil". Dated from the 16th century.

This castle is situated in the province of Henegouwen, in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

It's about a half an hour driving from my home.

The château of Beloeil is also named "The Versailles of Belgium". Yes it has some similarities with the Château de Versailles in France, such as the symmetry in the beautiful garden. You can make a beautiful walk in the park of the castle.

In summertime there are some beautiful concerts given in the park.

The stairway in the entrance hall of Beloeil has mostly the same "grandeur" as the one in Versailles.

According to my needs for inspiration, I visit this castle.

The images below show you some subjects for my inspiration.

Beaytiful wooden carving


Notice the double door with antique glass in my home and see the gallery with glass at Beloeil.

Door in my home

Gallery with mirrors

Beautifyl flooring again...

I hope that my post of today learned you a little bit more of the beautiful pearls that belgian houses and castles are!


Images : Greet, Flickr.,Picasa,Andreas Von Einsiedel
Zoom Interiors,Château de Beloeil