Thursday, August 27, 2009

Balck & White Photography and a Simply Seductive Blog

I simply adore black and white photography. Close up faces
in black and white get me every single time - especially the
ones that show such amazing details.

Her eyes look so luminescent in this photo.

Now this is a striking composition of a feminine face.

The lips are actually the subject in this photo by J.
Borodina is cleverly framed in a way where the photo
evokes class and mystery since the photograph only
shows the lower half of the face at an angle.

Even grainy black photos can look very
good when exposed correctly.

I found these gorgeous photos on the blog
Simply Seductive. There are many beautiful
fashion photos as well, this blog is definitely
worth checking out.

I love this photo of a gorgeously clad woman
in mid stride.

An utterly enchanting photo.

A beautiful street scene of a woman in the fall.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos as much as I have.
Do you prefer color or black and white photography?