Monday, August 17, 2009

Outbuilding nearly finished!

In the first post of my blog I mentionned about the oak outbuilding in the garden, that my husband started to built in our summer holdidays.

Now, the construction of it is nearly done!

Construction ready for the roof!

My husband in action.

I love this beautiful shelter my husband creates to store the wood .

This week the straw roof will getting placed. I can hardly wait to see it finished! It will be a nice place to barbeque with friends or to join with our family around the fireplace.

But before, a lot of things have to be done: the roof, the flooring, the lighting,..

Meanwhile,I'm searching for inspiration to find the right lighting pieces and furniture,objects to decorate...

So here are a few outside and inside images of outbuildings which I really like!

Beautiful detail at the straw roof!

It looks as if the colour of the roof takes the colour of nature around !

An outbuilding as a poolhouse.

A little summer house.

Another poolhouse.

Beautiful detail of the construction.

I love that sort of lighting piece to hang on our outbuilding.

I would love to sit with our friends around such a long table!

So my husband made us one himself !

So cosy!

A lovely round table.

I do love that wooden stool!

To put these stools around is also a good idea.

Outbuildings can also be used as a hobby-room

or as a study-room.

When the roof of our building is placed, I'll post an image later on!


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