Monday, August 10, 2009

Living With Books - In the Living Room

I know...this isn't the living room but I think it's a pretty
neat way to surround one's self with books. I'm pretty
addicted to books and am constantly trying to find new
ways and places to put my books and magazines. I'm
beginning to think that I should just turn my living room
into a mini library of sorts.

Here's a living room from a Domino reader who
entered Domino's contest. I love the coffee table
and how all of the magazines on the shelves are
stacked upwards instead of how magazines and
books are normally put upright on shelves. Great
color coordination between the pillows and the
artwork on the shelves.

Here's a retro-modern looking living room with
some pretty cool furniture. I really love how
there's a sliding door on one of the shelves and
that the rectangular shelving is long enough to
install ambient lights under it.

Now this is what I'm talking about, a library as
a living room. Color coordinating your books can
be a fun way or organizing your books in an
aesthetic sense.

Oh this living room is perhaps missing some seating and a
coffee table but it's got a fine frame for a library - living
room in the makings.

Books, files, shelving in the living room - all in white... Why not?

If you have the luxury of being able to have built in
shelves, there's a lot of fun you have with them. You
can paint, wallpaper or mirror the backs of the shelves
among many other ideas to spruce things up.

Here's a perfect example of painting the backs
of a set of built in book shelves.

Or you could go for the monotone look and paint the
shelves the same color as the walls. I adore the fabric
on the upholstered chair and the mirror in the faux
fire place. It's lots of fun.

This living room has no shortage of elegance. The
creamy chesterfield inspired sofa with soaring
ceilings, window drapes and matching tall book case
is a hard combination to beat. The book shelf really
accentuates the height of the room. You can see that
even the side table is stacked high with books and a
plant to top if off.

Bright Yellow painted shelves with a patterned sofa
to boot. Looks like a great place to snuggle up in for
a good read.

Ohhhh, this is probably my dream living room or library.
It has such drama in it with the ultra high ceiling, a tall
ladder to actually reach the books and drapes to soften
the space. I've always been baffled by the super high
bookcases where it's obvious that you cannot reach or
easily remove any books...To me this was always a flaw
in functionality unless the books are purely used for
aesthetics and never meant to be read again.

Here's a really cozy and homey living room with books
covering the sides of the walls. Looks like a great place
to hang out in - and to have a cup of steaming hot tea
with a good book.

House Beautiful's
Decorating With Books

This is a fun book for those who have
a love of books and how to decorate
with them.

At Home With Books

This book is for the true bibliophile. It goes
a step beyond to talk about the care of books
and how one "lives" with books in the home.
It's a great book.

Some of you may not collect books, it could
be records or cds or dvds. The same concept
pretty much applies to those items as well.
Is there something that you collect that you're
always looking for ways of storing or showcasing?

Images from Domino