Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Castle of Nokere

About twice a week I drive through a little town, called Nokere, where in the rural centre of it, is located the beautiful Castle of Nokere.
In the 16th century the fortress had been ravaged by fire and then rebuilt.
It was only at the end of the 18th century that the castle acquired his classical lines.

This castle is a jewel! A real Belgian Pearl!
The exterior as well as the interior is so elegant!

A few years ago , I was invited for the tea, by the lord of the castle, Baron Jean Casier.
He let me see the interior of the castle and told me about all the beautiful furniture and woodpaneling in the castle.
Unfortunately, Baron Casier passed over last year.

There are no images of the inside of the castle because to this very day the family Casier is living there.

Once a year , in the month of July, the park of the castle is open for public.
But in the surrounding area you can make a beautiful walk, where you can see different sides of the castle of Nokere.

Entrance of the castle

Baron Jean Casier

The bridge to the entrance

One of the sides of the castle that you can see by walking in the surrounding area.

Backside of the castle

The Park of the Castle.
The castle is surrounded by water.

Aerial view of the Castle of Nokere

I hope you have enjoyed this Belgian Pearl.
Have a nice sunday!