Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday afternoon...

Only 1 week of my holidaymonth to go! I thought today, on this sunday afternoon, it would be useful to think about the projects to start with, after holidays...!

Before starting to sketch, I prefer to discuss with my clients about the style of their rooms which have to be designed or renovated.

The easiest way to do that is showing images of different styles of designing, and that's why I was searching in my files this afternoon.

I thought you might be interested in seeing some of these images.

These images are all taken in Belgian houses and you can see a lot of typical Belgian elements of style.

In future I'll tell you a lot more of the Belgian style.

In a lot of images you can see the use of lime paint on the walls and where there is the use of wood (mostly oak) , notice that it is given a very light colour.

And of course our famous belgian linen on the benches and for curtains!

Flooring : Belgian blue stone
Image : Lefèvre Interiors

The checker board flooring is loved in Belgian houses!

The use of light colours

Linen for the benches and lime paint on the walls

Light-coloured wood

Lime paint

Linen for the benches

Image : Lefèvre Interiors

Image : Lefèvre Interiors

Light-coloured wood , even for the parquet floor.

Lime paint, linen.

Here we can see a rather dark-coloured parquet floor, which gives a good contrast with the light painted walls and the light colour of the linen seatcovering.

Image : Lefèvre Interiors

Lime painted walls

Image : Lefèvre Interiors

Linen for the curtains

Lime painted walls even for the bedroom

Image : Lefèvre Interiors

What keeps you busy this sunday afternoon? I would like to hear.


Images : Lefèvre Interiors, Patrick Ponseele, Garnier, Soudant, Rik Storms, B+Villa's,
Costermans Villaprojecten, Domus Aurea