Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exceptional wall sconces and table lamps

Some of my clients ask me where to find beautiful lighting for their home.

Finding original lighting is not that easy and does take some time.

I often go to Brussels, where are a lot of antiques dealers, to look out for original pieces of lighting.

These lamps and sconces can be made of antique iron fragments as well as antique wooden fragments.

These exceptional pieces can not be ordered in quantities, they are rather unique.

So you will be sure that no one else would have the same lighting into their home.

In images below : a few examples of wall sconces and table lamps.

Here is used a baluster of a iron stairbalustrade.

Her is used probably a fragment of an old iron fence.

Here is used a piece of wood.

Sconces where are used piano fragments.

Below : Images of interiors where you can see the lighting pieces.

And to end I show you some images of wall sconces and a table lamp which I used in my home.

Sorry for the 2 bad images above. Too much light from outside.

At the stairway of my wine cellar hangs this sconce:

And in the wine cellar you can see this :

I hoped you enjoyed my post of today.

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Images : Lefèvre Intiriors,Ma Campagne,Michel Lambrecht, Marie-Rêve,Greet