Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Fabulous Scandinavian Home

Carsten Seidel is a pretty fabulous Scandinavian photographer
and his photos of this modern home are no different. I absolutely
adore the ultra long bookshelf across the length of the wall behind
the rectangular dining table.

The bookshelf actually makes the room look longer.

Isn't that such a cool kitchen floor?

The black counters give a nice
juxtaposition of color against the white.

Isn't this such a funky pattern? You'll notice the
stripes are not even but a little wavy. You can
very easily paint your walls this way. This is a
great little nook for guests to hang up their coats
and accessories.

The perfect area for a mudroom complete with
space for shoes, a bench, lockers for bags and
accessories, coats and last but not least -- a

At times, you can get away with layering pattern on
pattern as with this striped wall and striped curtains.

It's great to throw in a piece of vintage
colored glass. I, myself am a glass fiend.

Matching the bedding and curtains in a room can really
help give a simple room a more cohesive look.

I love the geometric pattern in this valance.

Scandinavian Country

Scandinavian Country style is like no
other country style you know. The
Scandinavians seem to be able to do
almost all of their decor in a modern

What do you think of Scandinavian style?
Perfect for contemporary times? Overrated?
Only for college students? Or a good balance?

All photographs by Carsten Seidel.