Friday, December 17, 2010

Norman Park House

The Art of Hanging guys do a wonderful job of hanging pictures...I think they almost die everytime they see a booking from me as they know that a cluster wall will be involved!

Every week for the last couple of months my lovely client has been visiting black & spiro picking up bits and pieces for her beautiful home. I was so excited when I walked into her wardrobe and saw all of our black & spiro shopping bags! When we first opened black & spiro 10 years ago we couldn't really afford to have the printed shopping bags so whenever I see our shopping bags now I smile!!

Look at this fabulous wall vase we hung on their cluster wall...I love this!

I've been trying not to post photos of the lovely jobs I've been working on lately as I am attempting to save them for our new black & spiro website which will launch in 2011. But, I had to share these photos of this job I have just finished working on as I absolutely LOVE it! It's so bright and so happy and so fresh and my lovely client {who has just been the best fun to work with} is thrilled...phew, nothing more wonderful than a happy client especially at this time of year!! One of my favourite things in this house is the multi-coloured vintage bentwood dining chairs we painted up for her. Enjoy your gorgeous house HB!