Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Easy Walls - New Meaning to Wall Art and Large Scale Wall Decor

 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I certainly added
some inches to the waistline... I recently discovered a wonderful site 
called EazyWallz.  They have all kinds of large scale photographic art
and illustrations that can be adhered to walls for instant impact at a 
reasonable price.  This photograph of a temple in Angkor Wat in
Cambodia is already amazing on it's on.
Who could imagine that on a large scale, it makes a fantastic backdrop
to a dining room.  Isn't the ambiance amazing?  Peel and stick starting
from around $230 and up depending on the size.  It's less work than 
paint (just gotta make sure it goes on straight...)  

Macro photos - Coffee lovers anyone?

This is really fun - a photo of a red brick wall.  
Who needs the real thing? 

Sweet tooth?
They have a collection of all kinds of prints.

What's more, you can custom design your own with your own
photos or illustrations.  Larger than life portrait of your kids?
A favorite personal photo?   They can create it for you.

Over the top rosy pink.

Such a soothing photo.

Makes for such a great backdrop.

 Love the colors in this photo.

For ocean and water lovers.

This is such fantastic print for a child's room.


Or a fantastical airship.  You can save your money on having paint a 
custom mural by using one of these floor to ceiling installations.


This is a super cool samurai silhouette.

For all of you patriots.  They have a Union Jack and Canadian flag as well.

Fantastic quirky photos.

The classic cityscapes.

For a music room?

Great for a child's bedroom that loves animals or the outdoors.

African Safari written all over this one.  I love 
silhouette photos and this one is very striking.

Can't ever leave out a beach photo.

What's amazing is that you can stick it not only on walls but also
Kitchen cabinets.  Basically any smooth surface.

Love the color palette of this super chic and feminine dining room.
It could just as easily be masculine with a different accent color.

I've been really loving gray lately and this is a lovely 
gray, black and white dining room with silver accents.

Autumn lovers would love this image and color hue.

There are no shortage of images for nature lovers.

Retro prints?

Chic and Modern.

 Hotel style room.

As you can tell, I got really carried away and this sort of became a megapost.
If you haven't had a chance to check out EazyWallz - definitely do so.  I had a 
great time browsing through all the different photos and illustrations.  I would
love to an installation like this for a room, now just to figure out where to put 
one...  What are your favorites?  Which room or hallway would you put one 
of these installations?

Photos from EazyWallz