Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Wish List - Wallpaper

Katie Ridder's Leaf Wallpaper makes me swoon.

It's been at the top of my wish list for some time. I've ordered samples from Holland & Sherry and I often walk around my house with them envisioning how different walls would look covered in this yummy print.

To fellow design bloggers, I know this is nothing new.  There has been a lot of discussion about this wallpaper ever since it's debut. But my blog about all things swoonworthy would not be complete if I didn't also mention it.

Ideally I'd like to do my whole upstairs hallway.  Since there's not much there but brown wood floors and beige walls, I always think it could handle some bold wallpaper.  Unfortunately, it would require so many rolls, I think we'd have to win the lottery first.

I keep thinking about my dining room ... but the gray colorway I like in this wallpaper has a white background and the drapes in my living room are ivory.

The blue might be pretty on the wall behind our bed ...

I'm not sure where this brown would fit in my house, but it would be so dramatic in a small space.

Likewise with this pink colorway ...

Could you imagine a little girl's room done with this?
(Note to my husband ... don't worry ... I'm just saying I like it.)

I love this bathroom I spotted on Elements of Style.

And I was so giddy when I saw it on the premiere episode of Secrets from A Stylist where Emily used it in Glee co-creator, Ian Brennan's bedroom:

via HGTV

When I saw this version done with a SHARPIE (of all things!) on A Penny Saved, it got me thinking ... could I tackle this project?

It would have to be a really small space ... and I'm afraid I would lose patience after the second or third leaf. And my family would probably be eating fast food for a week. And I might spend some extra time at the chiropractor.

There are just so many wonderful colorways, I think I've got to find one that works.  I kind of think a house can only support one room of wallpaper, so it's a big decision on which room it should be.

Did you know that another Katie Ridder wallpaper lined the walls of Carrie and Big's NYC apartment in Sex and the City 2?

Make sure you check out all of her patterns on her website.  Many of them come in fabrics too ... which gets me thinking. Curtains? Pillows? Mmmm.