Monday, March 14, 2011

The Family Gift Coordinator

I seem to be the go-to-person in my family for gifts which probably is quite obvious considering I have a shop full of things to give.  Today my brother Nick rang me pleading me to help him with a last minute gift which he needed for today.  I was up to my armpits in emails, quotes, fabrics and paperwork but I dropped everything immediately for his arrival.  I whipped out a few things in the shop and then he decided on a beautiful Sally Campbell quilt which I wrapped for him.  Usually it's a much longer and arduous task which requires me to pull the shop entirely to pieces.  If only I had someone in my life who would organise these sorts of things for me like I do for them!  He left grateful for my help.  I couldn't stop thinking that it was like a drive-through gift service!  Let's hope she likes the quilt!!!