Saturday, March 19, 2011

The elegant design of Frances Russell


A few weeks ago I came across the beautiful website of the Australian designer Frances Russell. I was enchanted by the elegant and romantic interiors of Frances.

I love the feminine touch Frances brings in!

FR Int

This is a gorgeous picture of Frances’ website. Love the white walls and white upholstered seats. Beautiful feminine details as the French armchair and the bouquet of roses!


fran_thumb The lovely Frances.



'” I feel your home and your interior should reflect your personality and that it should be a haven and a sanctuary from the world.” explains Frances on her website.





Frances is enamoured of 18th century history, especially French history.



Frances’ preference for the French 18th century style is noticed on her designs. A French LXVI-styled bedhead in this bedroom.



Isn’t that a romantic and girly room?! The carpet, the bedlinen and curtains are so beautiful and well chosen.


The fabrics Frances brings in here are lovely. And what a cute seat!



This bedroom looks so fresh and airy. Notice the bouquet of roses again.



To see more of Frances Russell Interiors, please visit the website by clicking on the logo.



You can follow the designs of Frances at her blog BEAUTIFUL INTERIORS AND 18th CENTURY STYLE .

A few days ago Frances wrote a guestpost at the beautiful Swedish blog CLASSIC STYLE – DREAMLIFE IN THE CITY , where she tells about herself and her love for the 18th century history. To read, click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed Frances’ interiors as much as I did!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!




Images :  Casey Imaging and Frances Russell, posted with permission of Frances Russell