Friday, March 11, 2011

A Nook out of Nothing

There's a little wall in my breakfast room that I wasn't sure what to do with.  For a long time, one of our 6 kitchen table chairs sat there because we had pulled up my son's Stokke Trip Trap High Chair to the table.  Now that we have the chair back at the table the space just felt kind of bare.  We have a large black wall clock there which I love, but it just felt like we needed something underneath it to balance it out.

The space is not big at all, and it's a high traffic area, so I needed something very thin. Yet in order to balance out the huge clock it still had to have some weight and height to it.  Most of the pieces I saw and liked were just too deep. And then one day a couple weeks ago I was walking through Target and saw the perfect little black table. The half moon shape meant no sharp corners and even though it is 11 inches deep in the middle, the sides are just 8 inches deep which is exactly the length of the little wall it tucks in next to.

I filled it with things I already had, only now they seem a little more special because they have their own little table.  And earlier this week I found the little breadboard/chalkboard and added that. 

I also found a cute little "catalog of garden seeds" ...

I'm so happy with the results! I feel like it's a lot of bang for the buck and it really transformed the space from nothing to a nice little visual nook.

What do you think?  Do you have an empty little "nothing" space or wall in your house that you could transform?


On Sunday, I'll be changing the message on the chalkboard to read "Happy Birthday Kyle!" as my first "baby" turns 7!  We've got a busy and fun weekend ahead! I think I'm (almost) just as excited as he is, although I guarantee I'll be shedding a tear or two! For some reason seven sounds so much older than six!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!