Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Bulbs Flowering

I have been having many conversations with my grandmother of late about our bulbs {flowers}.  You see she is a very keen gardener and loves planting lots of bulbs in her garden each year.  However, this year her bulbs {and mine too} have been very slow to sprout.  She has been ringing me every week asking me if mine have broken the soil yet.  You could say that we have been comparing notes. 

As this is my first season planting bulbs I admit I am completely not-in-the-know so each morning I head out to our garden to check on their progress.  I think the boys must think I am going slightly mad.

To my complete excitement, joy and surprise when I went out to the garden on Saturday morning there she very first flowering bulb for 2011!!  I spent the entire day weighing up whether or not I should cut her to put into a vase.  By Sunday afternoon I decided to cut her and a few other flowers out of our garden including a sprig of our flowering yellow snapdragons.  I arranged them in a new jug which I purchased online HERE.

This gardening thing really is very exciting.  I can't wait for the next bulb to flower not to mention the sweet peas and hollyhocks!!


PS.  The lovely nickel lanterns are a new purchase from HERE...