Thursday, June 30, 2011

My last blogpost of this year is dedicated to all of you !

My dearest readers, followers, blogfriends and blogcolleagues, I would love to thank all of you for this wonderful year, joining me at Belgian Pearls.

This year I met so many new readers and blogcolleagues, and a lot of you became real friends! It is amazing how many lovely people I learned to know through blogging!

Starting my blog, I never could have imagined that meeting all of you, would have such an impact on my life!

All those sweet and lovely comments on my posts, all these emails I received from you, were to me a huge support and motivation to go on with my blog!

‘Belgian Pearls’ wouldn’t be of any meaning without all of you!

I do hope that even in 2011, I will be able to bring you blogposts you will love and enjoy! I promise to do the best I can to not disappoint you!

I also want to make my apologies to all the people amongst you, who have sent me an email on which I have not answered yet! Sometimes I am so busy with my job and my family (I am also a wife and a mum, you know !), that I really don’t find enough time to blog or to answer all my emails!

We are only a few days away from a new year, and the next two days I will have to prepare everything for New Year’s Eve because we have our family to join us. So there are still a few things to do!

This post will be the last one of this year.

To thank you for your support and friendship the past year, I want to treat you with some random chosen eye candy images from my files !

Thank you so much for being a reader, a follower or a blogfriend!

You are all so dear to me!


1Source : Four Seasons Hotel Florence

8 Source : Tim Clinch photography


Source : Magazine Seasons Januari 2011 Photographer Kat de Baerdemaeker

9 Source : Robert Couturier

7 Source : Campagne – D├ęcoration


Talk to you in 2011 !!