Friday, June 17, 2011

Masculine Finds for Father's Day

Okay. Let's face it.  There are things belonging to some (most?) husbands that we either:

a) wish we could hide when people come over
b) DO hide when people come over
c) have relegated to a special room (cough, cough, basement) where most people won't see them

But in the spirit of Father's Day, I've decided to throw all the great Dads out there a bone and feature some masculine finds that could actually coexist with all of the other lovely items in your home that ... ahem, you have chosen.

Leather Wingback chairs

Handpainted Linen Welsh Dragon Pillow

Vintage Salvage Metal Window Grill

Carved Horn Bowl

Vintage Code Flag Art

Leather Butterfly Chair

Deer Antlers

Pool Ball Candle Holder

Vintage Apothecary Bottles

If you have a "man-cave" in your house that you are actually proud of, please send pictures. I will post the best ones.  In the meantime, have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!