Monday, June 27, 2011

Randolph Street Market Festival: Take 2

Okay, so if you read my post from about a month ago, you'll know that my last trip to the Randolph Street Market over Memorial Day Weekend lasted only about 20 minutes before we were hit with a monsoon of epic proportions.

So, my boys promised me we could try again for the next one which happened to be this last weekend, and a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day.

Lots of interesting things ....

Upon first entering was a huge table filled with all of these wonderful grain sacks:

So perfect for making pillows or table runners.

I loved this old steamer trunk. I wonder who D.R.G.M. is, and what grand ocean liners it traveled in its day.

Think of all the clothes and shoes you could carry in that thing .... even a 7 year old boy!

A demijohn! (love)

My husband and I were eyeing up a pair of these industrial shelves (on wheels) for our office.

Kyle and Braden thought these old movie theater seats were way cool.

I've always liked the idea of lining a mudroom with lockers ... wouldn't these be great painted a bright color?

A wonderful old suitcase I'm now wishing I bought.

Mirrors are always fun.

Love this weathered pedestal table ... AND the turquoise dresser behind it!

A Louis XVI style chair in a bird print! (Swoon.)

More mirrors ... with fantastic old tin frames.

I would love to build a room around these old factory mirrors.

And still ... more mirrors. These antique cog wheel mirrors would be perfect in a swanky bachelor pad.

And I was so excited when the lovely Gosia of Architectural Anarchy recognized me as I approached he booth and said hello. I didn't even know she would be there. She had some lovely things as well, although I realized after we got home that I was so busy talking to her that I forgot to take very many pictures of her booth. I am still overdue in getting to their showroom down in Pilsen.

I did love this antique clock face.  It is not a working clock, but would still make quite a statement on the right wall.

Also loved this chalkboard globe.

And what, if anything, did we purchase? 

I'll share with you later in the week!