Monday, June 6, 2011

Placards & a quick garden update


First of al I want to thank you my readers for the nice comments on my garden post! I am so pleased with your interest in the evolution of our garden. So nice to read your thoughts about it! Thank you! I so appreciate it!

We really enjoyed spending this long weekend in our garden and Jan has created the steps I loved to have since a long time, he added more gravel on the paths and started to prepare our future vegetable garden. Here are some pictures I took yesterday.

Steps  Now we have to plant some more of the hedges on both sides of the steps.


GravelAdding gravel.


Vegetable gardenPreparing our future vegetable garden.


And now over to the “placard” post.

A “placard” is a cupboard or wardrobe attached to the wall, or even built in in the masonry. I have always loved to see a placard in a room, especially the French provencal style placard.

New-made or antique placards, both can be beautiful and can be used in different rooms.


Love the way of displaying the china here in both sitting areas. Notice the led lighting inside!

31source : unknown

29 source : Tim Clinch


Cupboard placard in this dining room.

17  source : here  photo credit Francis Peyrat


Even used as a bookcase. Love that!!

51source : Magazine Riant Wonen, issue 2002, Renoveren in Stijl. Renovation company Renoplan.


19source : unknown


Love the old patina of the placard doors here in both pictures.

12 source : unknown

10  source : unknown


This placard is placed in one of my favorite Belgian restaurants “Onder de Toren”. They serve very delicious food and it is a very charming and cosy place to be! (check their website : here).

13 source : here


22 source : here  photo credit Patrick Smith


A placard is not only used in dining or living rooms! It is a wonderful piece of furniture brought into the kitchen!

16 source : here

28source here

35 source : here


A corner cupboard placard!

44 source : unknown

43 source : unknown


I love the mix of wooden and painted placard doors in this kitchen.

33 source : Magazine MTC , issue 2010-5


Oak placards in this very Belgian styled kitchen.

45source : here  photo credit Jo Pauwels for Beta Plus Publishing


42 source : unknown

34 source : here

39 source : here


One of my favorite pictures! If I had to redo my kitchen, I definitely would go for this kind of kitchen by Pamela Pierce. 37 source : here photo credit Peter Vitale

32source : here


Placards used as wardrobe in a bedroom.

25 source : here photo credit Patrice Binet


So very French and romantic!

23 source : here photo credit Alexandre Réty


Shutter doors used here!

26 source : here

27  source : here


14 source : here


A placard with mirrored doors in an entry hall.

18  source : here

30 Placard de vestiaire in the entry hall of my home. Photo credit Efie De Grande


I found an interesting address in the south of France where you will discover gorgeous antique placards and all kinds of beautiful doors :


These (images of website Portes Anciennes) are a few of the range of antique placards they offer.

49Beautiful walnut armoire de chasse placard.

48 Bow-fronted walnut placard.

47Placard in pine.

50Placard of shutters.

Click on logo to visit the Portes Anciennes website.


So for those who travel to the Provence this summer, this company is definitely worth a visit!

I wish you all a fresh start of this new week.