Monday, June 13, 2011

Designer Christian Audigier's Luxruious Los Angeles Home (Ed Hardy brand)

Designer Christian Audigier, who designs the Ed Hardy brand, 
is putting up his Hanock Park home in Los Angeles for sale at 
$8.263 million.  Some of us may not have 8.26 million lying 
around, but we can certainly admire rooms from this seven 
bedroom, seven bathroom home.  If he does manage to sell it
for that price, he will have made a nice profit from it since 
he purchased the home for $4.78 million.   

The house dates back to the 1920's and is 8,276 sq. ft. of 
luxurious home.  Let's take a tour shall we?

The hot pink may be a bit much for some of us, but I Love 
looking at someone who's bold enough to put so much hot
pink in their living room.  Get a load of how long the sofas 
are - definitely custom made.  

Favorite things from the room:  

1.) Style and velvet of the couches
2.) The pink crown above the fireplace
3.) The smoking hot wallpaper on the ceiling
4.) The shiny black floors

I love the traditional lines of the house.

A bathroom with french doors - what an airy bathroom.

Now that's a spacious kitchen.  Can't quite tell what type
of flooring it has, but the traditional and clean lines of the
cabinets with the butcher block top island.

There's a lot of gorgeous molding in this room.  Don't
the dining chairs just look comfy?

This is like the perfect room for a sleepover!

Love the coziness of this sitting room.  The flowers are 
perfect for staging, but I wouldn't put them there if I was
using the room.  Imagine having to duck around the flowers
 to see who you were talking to.

Being in socal and all, can't forget the outdoor living!

I wonder how many living rooms and family spaces
this house has.

I absolutely ADORE The color of this couch.
Isn't the blue so rich and beautiful?

Poolside, Hollywood style.

Yet another dining space.  This is like the 3rd or 4th dining
space we've seen!

This is probably the comfiest sleigh bed I've ever seen.
It's completely covered by a plush, camel colored 

Hope you enjoyed ogling this house as much as I did.
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