Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exotic Elegance

Have you heard of John Robshaw?

I think his textiles are utterly swoon worthy ...

His bedding, pillows, and table linens are a mesmerizing mix of bold patterns and exotic colors that conjure up images of dreamy faraway locales.

 Indeed, he uses traditional block printing, dying and weaving techniques with the brilliant colors and patterns, even wildlife, of Central and Southeast Asia to inspire his collections.

I always know a room with John Robshaw textiles when I see one.

So I was excited when I walked into World Market the other day and saw their new line of outdoor textiles. To me, they are very John Robshaw-esque.

Since we are in need of a new umbrella for our patio, I was especially drawn to this ...

Summer Goddess 9 ft. Umbrella

It kinda reminds of this fabric from John's collection ... (and you know how I love yellow and gray together.)

I'd like to pick up a couple of these to go with ... very block-print inspired:

Bohemian Summer Floor Cushion

And, what do you know, I'd get some pillows too ... (I know, shocking).  We don't even have the "lounge"/seating area furniture for our patio yet ... but I could hold on to these until next summer.
Bohemian Summer Toss Pillow
But we did just get a new outdoor dining table and chairs ... and this even has a whole for the umbrella! (I've always wanted to do a runner outside for parties, but could never figure out how to work around that umbrella pole.)
Summer Breeze Table Runner

There are lots more styles and colors to choose from ... even elephants, one of John Robshaw's favorites ...
World Market Elephant Lumbar Pillow

John Robshaw Two Elephants Handpainted Pillow

John Robshaw Indian Elephant Pillow
Be sure to check out both places if you're looking to add some worldly glam to your indoor and outdoor spaces.