Monday, June 6, 2011

This is addictive ...

Have you heard of Pinterest? I am forewarning you ... it is addictive.

Basically it's like a virtual pinboard where you can "pin" things, pictures, etc. you see online to create collections of things you love.  You can also follow other people's pinboards for more inspiration.  There are lots of different categories ... Home & Furniture (my fave), Food & Drink, Travel, Fashion, Photography, Kids, Weddings ... you get the idea.  So you can make something like this ...

... but keep it all stored on your computer.

Technically, you need to be "invited" to join, but you can go on the site and request an invitation and you should get an email a few days later.

I love being able to "pin" things from any site I'm on by just clicking the "Pin It" button on my Favorites Bar and you can create your own categories like "Lovely Bedrooms" or perhaps "Kitchens I Would Die For."

Among others, I created a pinboard for "Unique Headboards" and here's a sample of what's on there ...

Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

If you'd like to see what other things I'm pinning, just join Pinterest yourself and then click on the "Follow me on Pinterest" button I've added to my site on the right-hand side.

Well, it's a crazy week with the last days of school ... so I apologize in advance if my blog gets a little neglected while we adjust to our new summertime schedules. 

Have a good week everyone!