Thursday, June 16, 2011

Choosing Perfect Sofas and Sectional Sofas for Your Home

Living room is one place in your home that often reflects an owner's style and taste of living. This is one place in the house that you want to keep clean and tidy at all times, especially when you have kids or pets, or both.

Living room furniture is always needed to improve the space and give the comfort that is needed. There are lots of furniture pieces you can choose or place in your living room, such as sofas, sectional sofas, couches, recliners, useful and decorative pieces and a lot more.
Sectional sofas
Most likely, more money is used on living room than in any other place in your home. It provides different spaces, tends to be larger, provides space for entertainment and can offer a lot of uses.

There are three general categories that falls into Living room Furniture.

1) Modern

2) Traditional

3) Transitional (most common use one)

Knowing more about these three categories make it simple to choose the perfect sofa or Modern sofa for your home. Let's get a better understanding regarding these three categories.

Modern Sofas

This type of sofa have clean, modern lines and mainly round in shape or angular. Most modern sectional sofa designs are in solid single color that is more either very bold or very neutral. To add a display of colors to your sofa set, you can use varieties of throw pillows with different shapes, sizes and colors. One of the most popular material choices for modern sofas is leather. Another popular material choice is micro fiber. Hardwood and metal give modern sofas an expensive look. Like any other sectional sofa style, each piece is easily rearranged to modernize any room instantly.

Traditional sectional sofas are described as classic and comfortable. This type of sectional sofa is available in different fabrics, shapes and pieces. Overstuffed cushions, reclining sections and sleepers are just the few examples of many traditional sectional sofas choices we have today. Traditional sectional sofa is one of the most flexible pieces of furniture these days because of the many options it offers. Easy to clean and durable upholstery is ideal for families and pets, as well.

Transitional sofas combine the best of modern and traditional decorating techniques. These great combinations create a look that is classy yet comfortable, durable and simple. The transitional decorating technique mainly put more importance on texture than on color. That's the reason why sofa fabrics and wood finishes are more likely to be lighter, more natural looking and more subdued. Some of the fabrics used in transitional sectional sofas are corduroy, suede and more. Straight line designs combined with curves appeal to both women and men. Choose transitional sofa sets anytime you want to add a touch of modern feel to a room whilst keeping traditional aspect to your home.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different categories, let your search for the perfect sectional sofa for your home be an enjoyable and easy one.
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