Thursday, June 25, 2009

Use Paint to Liven Up Your Furniture ~ Boldly Paint Furniture with Vivid Colors

It's amazing what a simple coat of paint can do to a room.
You can also use paint to give your furniture a complete
make over to liven up your room. The above bedroom
is absolutely gorgeous and it just wouldn't be the same
without the boldly painted wicker divider in bright blue
for a headboard. The lime green is a really nice accent
to go with blue and dark brown comforter.

It is absolutely okay to go wild with color on an antique
or vintage piece of furniture. The French bergere styled
chair to the left is proof of this. Vivid pink with cheetah
patterned fabric, it's loads of fun.

How about a pop of cherry red in this simple country
styled room?

The Orange headboard just screams out at you.

Opposite the headboard, a burnt orange chest
of drawers.

A White chair with a zebra pattern to mix it up.

And a sunny yellow faux bamboo chair.

I've posted this photo before but I wanted
to show it again so one can see that instead
of Teal, it could have been any other color.

Black to anchor this colorful blue living space.

A bright blue desk is certainly unique.

50 Ways to Paint Furniture

And with my addiction to books, here are
a few on the painting of furniture.

This is a more technical primer with step
by step instructions on how to paint furniture.

Painting and
Decorating Furniture

Painted Furniture

Great examples and ideas.

Painted Furniture: Decorating
Ideas and Projects

Better Homes & Gardens publications
always have fun ideas.

Your Home: A Living Canvas

And last but not least is a beautiful book
with photos and inspirations to painting
not just your furniture, but your home.
This one is worth checking out.

Any of you thinking to makeover or paint
a piece of furniture this summer?

Photos from Canadian House & Home