Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful spaces & corners and A Thank You


A huge Thank You to my blogfriend Marie of the Swedish blog Classic Style for including me in her Sunday Profile series!!

To read the interview with me about my job in our company Lefèvre Interiors , click on the Classic Style logo :


Logo Classic Style


Lefèvre Interiors Lefèvre Interiors


Thank you Marie! I feel honoured to be included in your wonderful Sunday series!


Beautiful spaces & house corners which inspired me this week!


6 image source : Homes & Gardens May 2011


18 image source : House & Home  Photo Credit Michael Graydon


7 image source : The Essence Of The Good Life blog


Kopie van 1 image source : Orangeries Lloyd Hamilton   Photo Credit Claude Smekens


Kopie van Lambris 382 (the art of living - de blauwe kamer) image source : De Blauwe Kamer via Magazine The Art of Living


2 image source : Eclectic Revisited blog


8 image source : unknown


20 image source : Thomas Hamel & Associates

 10image source : William Eubanks


image source : Maison du Dragon Bruges


12 image source : Art & Décoration Juin 2010


5image source : Campagne Décoration May-Juin 2011  Photo credit Christophe Rouffio


14 image source : Art & Décoration.Dekio


19 image source : Campagne Décoration


Kopie van Living 158 (chateau de mossaic) image source : Château de Moissac


16 image source : Matthew White via 1st dibs


15 image source : Windsor Smith


3 image source : Pamela Pierce via Veranda


22 image source : Kevin Harris Architect


21 image source : unknown


23 image source : House & Home

I hope these images inspired you as much as they have inspired me!